QARIB QARIB SINGLLE Movie Review: Watch QQS if you want to fall in love!


Dating apps are the in-things amongst millennials these days. In fact people of any age group or any relationship status, are using these dating apps.

There are certain notions about dating sites/apps, which people have in mind. There is a stereotype thinking that guys on dating apps are using it just for fun. In fact people on dating sites are deemed as being in an open relationship! However QARIB QARIB SINGLLE (QQS) is one such film that breaks the age-old perception about not finding love via dating sites. On the contrary the film shows a sweet love story blossoming via a dating site and clears the so-called stereotype image that people using dating sites aren’t serious about love.

QQS directed by Tanuja Chandra, who returns to direction after 9 years (her last film being HOPE AND A LITTLE SUGAR), stars Irrfan Khan, who needless to say is an ace actor and has nailed every act with perfection. While Malayalam actor Parvathy, who marks her debut with this film looks adorable and is relatable to most single girls out there.


QQS is a sweet and beautiful journey of Irrfan Khan and Parvathy as they swipe each other over a dating site. Literally, we can say QARIB QARIB SINGLLE is for almost single people, or the one who wants to get into a relationship but aren’t finding the right match. Interestingly people already in relationships will also relate to it.

Jaya (Parvathy) is a 35-year-old widow who is sad –depressed as she is still dealing with her deceased husband’s memories. Jaya is cautious when it comes to relationship and is a complete workaholic who hasn’t taken a single leave at work. Jaya might be little grumpy but she is also the one who takes care of her neighbor’s cat, takes friend’s kids for shopping, talks to her brother on skype.

To spice up her otherwise boring life, the grumpy Jaya is advised by her office colleagues to join a dating site. After much insistence she joins a site called ‘Ab Tak Single’ where she comes across various kinds of guys some of them even send her vulgar messages which doesn’t go down well with her, and then enters Yogi (Irrfan khan) who is a chemical engineer on paper but a poet by profession. He is also the one who respects women. He doesn’t use social media tools to publish his poetry. He has published three books but none of them have been sold!


Yogi and Jaya are poles apart but somehow they click on their first coffee date where Yogi nonchalantly gives her ideas to deal with guys she meets on dating sites. Wherein Yogi, opens up to her about his ex-girlfriends with whom he had been in ‘ghangor ishq’ (madly in love with). Funnily Yogi suggest Jaya that they should go on a road trip and meet his exes for which Jaya as a person isn’t too keen but anyways joins him thinking that she should give this whole dating thing a shot.

Thereafter, Jaya and Yogi embark upon a journey. However, Irrfan misses his flight and Jaya is baffled wondering if she made the worst decision of her life to go with him. The duo gets together and what follows is not just their trip but also their personal journeys. There are some really very bitter-sweet and endearing moments between the protagonists which will instantly melt your heart.

Both Yogi and Jaya come with a baggage from their respective pasts. While the former is open to new relationships, Jaya is reluctant but over a period of time she realizes that all that she has been looking for is there in Irrfan. The movie doesn’t stretch even a bit. QQS is a very child-like film in a sense, but the way the love blossoms between the protagonists is very mature and believable as there is nothing mushy about it. Even the conclusion isn’t the typical conventional happy-go-lucky ending but it will surely leave a smile on your face.


Despite having a backdrop of new-age dating scenario, the old-world charm of romance is intact throughout the film. The dialogues are the soul of the film. The best one that sums up Yogi-Jaya’s relationship is ”Saath Jeene Marne Ki Kasamein Nai Khayi Hai Humne”.

Undoubtedly, Irrfan is at his best with his shaayaris, quirky dressing style, humorous dialogues and one-liners. The chemistry between Parvathy and Irrfan is adorable and relatable to every single and confused millennial out there.

The best part of this film is that there’s nothing Bollywoodish in it. Everything we see in it comes as a breath of fresh air and I must say this is a perfect rom-com.

Watch this film, if you believe in love or even if you don’t because QQS will definitely make its way into your heart.



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