RAABTA Movie Review: A ‘cocktail’ of karmic connections


Surprising as it may sound, its Rajkummar Rao's (RKR) double-bill this Friday! But the funny thing about it is that the one film (BEHEN HOGI TERI) where he is probably all over but unfortunately the 'Film' is not (in theaters) and the other film that is all over (RAABTA) but then he is (almost) not.

Well, we are talking about the latter that also stars Sushant Singh Rajput, a banker, exported to an European country. Here he meets a 'halwai' who makes 'mithai' in the form of chocolates. And all the youth would want to believe that the first meeting itself takes lips… sorry life to the next level and soon they are in bed. There is also the third angle to this triangle with Jim Sarbh playing a liquor baron also hitting it off with Kriti Sanon on the very first meeting and all hell breaks loose. Wait, we think it is just a day or two old relationship; but apparently it is 'hazar saal' old incomplete love (triangle) story.

Back then our 'halwai' was a warrior princess much-in love with another warrior (Jim) of the same tribe but to save the tribe eventually falls in for another man (Sushant). A bit too complicated as it sounds, we also could not figure out until we had been through the entire candy floss first half trying to figure out what we were about to experience in the next. Oh, there is RKR as so-to-say 'sutradhar' of the past life spilling the beans for the next life.


RAABTA does have a sidekick in Varun Sharma to bring some comic relief in the boring goings-on but the icing-on-the-cake (for fans) is the forced inclusion of Deepika Padukone in its title song, which is a 're-incarnated' song (read version) from Dinesh Vijan's past – AGENT VINOD.

RAABTA sees the role reversal in COCKTAIL's director Homi Adajania producing the movie where as Dinesh Vijan who produced COCKTAIL helming RAABTA. The production values, as far as the contemporary (times) story is concerned, are top class and very polished. Sushant Singh Rajput shows his confidence whereas Kriti Sanon's acting is restrained. Jim tries to get into a barons 'suit' this time (post NEERJA) but does not get too much to explore though. In terms of costume design or makeup, guess the most efforts must have gone in Rajkummar Rao's character design, but then was it really so important in the narrative after all?

Well, it's almost raining and visiting a nearby Cineplex with your bae to get some cool two and a half hour of personal time might make some sense. Else ask your mom to make some pakodas with hot tea while you go and pick up either COCKTAIL if you wish to see some contemporary glamorous romance in some firang land or the once alleged source of RAABTA to experience some re-incarnation costume drama with tout action. This and everything in-between is what we have been getting week after week.



RAABTA Movie Review: A 'cocktail' of karmic connections 2

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