SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER Movie Review: Of Vodka, Baba Ka Toska & A Game Of Russian Roulettea

The prolific Tigmanshu Dhulia’s nasty threesome are back – SBAGR (the royal Saheb - , Jimmy Shergill,) his insatiable Biwi (Mahi Gill) and the Gangster (Sanjay Dutt urf Baba this time).


The prolific Tigmanshu Dhulia’s nasty threesome are back – SBAGR (the royal Saheb – , Jimmy Shergill,) his insatiable Biwi (Mahi Gill) and the Gangster (Sanjay Dutt urf Baba this time). The previous two installments in 2011 and 2013 had Randeep Hooda and Irrfan Khan as the gangster respectively, hired to kill the Saheb but instead the gangster went crazy for the Biwi.

Tigmanshu Dhulia’s rustic and to the roots observations revolving around obsession, passion, greed, lust, loyalty and betrayal with a wink at dark comedy and occasional sensuality with smart dialogues and quirky huumour won hearts in the previous 2 installments of SBAGR. This time the gangster is a bigger star than Hooda and Irrfan, does the entry of ‘baba’ aka Sanjay Dutt in this territory stay true to the expectations and the standards set by its predecessors, polishes it further or fails, let’s find out.

Having Sanjay Dutt as the gangster in this quirky, dark and amusing crime franchise which is all about machismo seemed as a masterstroke as the movie begins with Uday Pratap Singh (Sanjay Dutt) in a foreign country playing that lethal game of Russian Roulette and turning into a local gangster owning a night club by the name House Of Lords. The focus shifts from UP to the royal palaces of Rajasthan. Saheb – Aditya Pratap Singh (Jimmy Sheirgill) is still in prison and figuring out his chances to get out on bail, reclaim his throne and teach his betrayers a lesson. Biwi – Madhavi Devi (Mahie Gill) is now a member of parliament and she is wickedly ensuring that Saheb doesn,t get his bail. However, the desperate Saheb hatches a plan and gains freedom from prison. Danger looms over Madhavi’s eventful life and her position as the powerful Rani Saheba.. She approaches Uday Pratap Singh (Sanjay Dutt) a royal blood who is ignored by his own family – his step brother played by Deepak Tijori and father played by Kabir Bedi. The unhappily married Uday has a girlfriend in the beautiful nartakii Suhani (Chitrangda Singh), Uday agrees to help Madhavi Devi for his personal reasons and what happens next is a story that you may unfortunately regret.


Tigmanshu Dhulia and Sanjay Chouhan’s screenplay in SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER 3 is a plot desperately searching to find a story and willing to go at length to do anything fatal and suicidal like the Russian Roulette game where a player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against his or her head, and pulls the trigger. SBAGR3 is a torturous maze of dialogue and action, the writers forces the characters to explain a plot which is hardly there. It’s a bizarre mix of de noir, dark comedy with some western spaghetti thrown in for cheap thrills. Every character in SBAGR3 seems to be asking for a story, and the writers seem clueless on how to fulfill their demand.

Things happen without any conviction, build up, only a couple of dialogues somewhere in between come like a ray of sunshine in this brazen darkness and making a miserable attempt to remind us that things will be better in due course. As we start figuring out the possibilities as some interest does get generated when Mahie Gill meets Sanjay Dutt, its interval.

The second half is a curiously serious case of BENJAMIN BUTTON, juvenility creeps in as the screen time ages and we see the characters crawling under the audience mind and crying for mercy as the fetid horror to make this into a return of Sanjay Dutt which he deserves turns kitschy. The writers Tigmanshu Dhulia and Sanjay Chouhan’s surreal choice to make this more familiar to the gallery turns suicidal during the climax which is a classic case of winding up a movie/project in hurry.


The erstwhile prolific Tigmanshu Dhulia is seen clueless and is betrayed by his own script. There are flashes in between as the helmer displays some fine visual fettle and that’s all anyone can do with such a cockeyed plot.

Sanjay Dutt is as usual and he fails to add weight to the series, blame it on his characterization which lacks the graph and depth. Sadly, Dutt is the weakest gangster in the series. Jimmy Sheirgill is in top form tibara ( third time) as Saheb. Mahie Gill is superb as the Biwi for the third time as well. Chitrangda Singh is fantastic and looks more beautiful. Deepak Tijori, Zakir Hussain, Kabir Bedi, Deepraj Rana just pass the muster. Pamela Singh Bhutoria is fine. Nafisa Ali and Soha Ali Khan had hardly anything to do.

Rana Mazumder, Aanjan Bhattacharya and Siddharth Pandit deliver the music which blends with the atmosphere. ‘Baba Theme’, ‘Kesariya Jugni’ and the nostalgic ‘Lag Ja Gale’ makes the right impact. Dharma Vish’s background score adds the much needed value. Amlendu Chaudhary’s cinematography is eye pleasing.


Production values ate first rate. Dhananjoy Mondal’s production design and Tulika Dhulia’s costumes are authentic. Pravin Angre’s editing needed an extra pair of scissors.

Ironically, SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER 3 is a game of Russian Roulette, you don,t know which glass is filled with vodka and which trigger in that revolver with a spun cylinder will have the bullet. This Toska ( rough translation : disappointment) is larger than any totka (remedy) by any ‘baba’ or any ‘saheb’, biwi or any gangster or their bhakhts to that matter..

Unsolicited info : A hint of SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER 4 is given at the end, after this triple murder of three movies at one time.. do we really need this anymore.. )

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SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER Movie Review: Of Vodka, Baba Ka Toska & A Game Of Russian Roulettea 2

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