SNIFF Movie Review: Sunghtein reh jaooge

Amole Gupte's latest adventure for kids – SNIFF keeps sniffing for charm. After STANLEY KA DABBA and HAWAA HAWAAI, Amol Gupte comes up with a kid detective in SNIFF.

Born with a congenital nose defect, Sunny Gill (Kushmeet) cannot smell. One day a surreal accident inside the chemistry lab of his school, Sunny gets blessed with extra ordinary smelling powers allowing him to smell up to a range of two kilometers thus making him a super kid.

Wonderful so far, but from here Amol struggles to give SNIFF the premise it desires. In its unnecessary attempt to turn quirky, the ''katha' (read story) of Sunny is drastically reduced in using his super power to find a missing car of Mr. Kapoor in the society where Sunny lives.


Amol Gupte has tried to recreate the magic of STANLEY KA DABBA in those classroom scenes but it fails thereafter. Unlike HAWAA HAWAAI or STANLEY KA DABBA, SNIFF is dabba gul (empty) in delivering any message. Its attempt to quirkiness like those scenes of society meetings and the portrayal of a dominating Bengali woman police officer played by television actress Sushmita Mukherjee (known for playing Kitty in detective series Karamchand starring Pankaj Kapoor) who slaps her husband at will makes the movie fail in hugging the kids and in the process also finds itself slipping away from the laps of the adults as well.

Lack of subplot, and no proper characterization of supporting cast that includes father (Manmeet Singh) and grandma (Surekha Sikri) adds to the wounds. SNIFF also faces the problem commonly faced by every second kid flick. It makes the child actors behave above their age and say deep philosophical lines as ''Can you smell fear, pain and sadness?'' Kushmeet as Sunny is the saving grace that maintains some cuteness and charm in this kid flick. Rest there is nothing to shout about. The supporting cast that includes Manmeet Singh, Surekha Sikri, Sushmita Mukherjee, Rajesh Puri are earnest. Production values are fine and technicalities are decent.

Sunny's friends also don't get much time and the mystery of the car robbery is detected with utter ease by the smelling sensation Sunny. Before commenting on the hint of the sequel in the end that underlines the outstanding confidence of the makers, the endowment of jealousy and revenge in supposed kid flick during the climax is questionable and not expected from Amol Gupte who has given some reasonably decent kid flicks with relevant social message previously.



SNIFF Movie Review: Sunghtein reh jaooge 2

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