SONU KE TITU KI SWEETY Movie Review: Mere Dost Ki Mangetar Ka Punchnama

Dost, Dosti or Woh.. playing Kho Kho with bromance and romance ‘tibara’ (third time) Luv Ranjan’s kirtan again chants praises for brotherhood with same

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Dost, Dosti or Woh.. playing Kho Kho with bromance and romance <i>‘tibaara’</i> (third time) Luv Ranjan’s kirtan again chants praises for brotherhood with same ‘boy’ bechara sentiments and alleged misogyny with a twist. Unfortunately, the idea which seems to be burning enough for some, has unfortunately resulted in a pea brained immature picture that could have been better as a web series or a series on television. Burned while performing the roast?.. kya dost.

Boys will be boys for sure but misogyny is not the prime issue here, even after Sweety (Nushrat Bharucha) declares that she is the ‘villain’. It’s the overwhelming fascination for the cliché belief that marriage/commitment is the end of the road/fun and things get serious.

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Pick any rom com in Bollywood, the institution of marriage is teased for fun. Fine, but many a times, marriage is a beginning and brings in joy. Anyways, here the ‘boys’ in Luv Ranjan’s world get old but fail to grow up and repeatedly say I am not marrying for sex’.

Luv Ranjan with his writer Rahul Mody get more ambitious, after receiving a warm welcome from boys in their dressing rooms during PUNCHNAMA series, the writer duo gets into their houses and involves their families. Sonu (Kartik Aaryan) and Titu (Sunny Singh) are BFF who grew up together and their families are also a joint unit. Sonu is the big brother in the friendship and always poses as a savior of Titu. A depressed Titu is binging in kachories and ladoos, his girlfriend played by a single expression is upset over Titu trespassing over a social media app on her phone.

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Like always, Sonu advises Titu to get rid of her and move on. Following Sonu’s advice, Titu decides to get married and then enters Sweety Sharma (Nushrat Bharucha), the charming sweety makes Titu fall head over heels for her but Sonu doubts the excess goodness in Sweety and a battle begins. Is Sweety a gold digger or Sonu is under wrong impression? We know who will win. It’s a Luv Ranjan’s film so boys won’t come of age and girls are evil and in due course they have literally graduated into villain like here.

Somewhere during the duration, I felt like Sonu may be Sweety’s mother-in-law in his previous birth. Jokes apart, the movie fails to poke much fun, with the same mindset, Luv Ranjan’s PUNCHNAMA series had amusing zingers but it was a ‘boys’ film but here things get serious as marriage is involved but the situations are so convenient, predictable and things get childish in between. Ironically, the supporting cast that includes a whiskey guzzling Ghasite (Alok Nath – a revelation for social media buffs who has tagged this veteran actor as ‘sanskari’ – pious man with all right virtues). He plays Titu’s grandfather and owner of a popular chain of sweets. His partner in crime is uncle played by Virendra Saxena. Both Aloknath and Virendra Saxena are more believable then the leads and they provide some genuine belly laughs.

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The unstoppable enthusiasm of Kartik Aaryan and the radiant charm of Nushrat Bharucha fail to elevate this misguided and immature feature. The adorable innocence of Sunny Singh too fails to save this movie from echoing the same sentiment on bromance over romance with an added chorus of a family dressed for a medium budget Yash Chopra or Karan Johar wedding.

Technically sound with rich production values, the music is peppy – Bom Diggy Bom and Chhote Chhote Peg are making their way into the chartbusters. Other supporting cast like Deepika Amin, Ayesha Raza Mishra and Pawan Chopra are fine.

If you are least bothered whether Luv Ranjan has decided to care for females now after the amusing PUNCHNAMA series rant (the monologue), and care a damn on what the maker personally feels about marriage in particular. If you want some unabashed ‘boy’ fun in a movie that gets juvenile in due course then SONU KE TITU KI SWEETY might be your date though it’s not a ‘date’ movie.

Reportedly Luv Ranjan’s next is a ‘rom com’ starring Ajay Devgn and this makes me more concerned. And by the way, why the character played by Nushrat Bharucha declared herself as a villain..

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