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Super 30 movie review: Super 30 Zindabad!!

SUPER 30 movie review is here. Starring Hrithik Roshan the movie is a biographical drama directed by Vikas Bahl, based on the life of genius mathematician Anand Kumar and his incredible educational program Super 30.

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SUPER 30 movie review is here. Starring Hrithik Roshan the movie is a biographical drama directed by Vikas Bahl, based on the life of genius mathematician Anand Kumar and his incredible educational program Super 30. Is the movie awesome and motivating as Anand Kumar’s life?. Let’s find out in the movie review of SUPER 30. SUPER 30 releases on July 12, 2019.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll.
Super 30 Zindabad!! As Amitabh Bachchan said in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s evergreen classic ANAND – Anand mara nahi, Anand marte nahi.. after watching SUPER 30, I say ‘umeed marti nahi, himmat thakti nahi, sikhsha ka adhikar sab ko hai, Super 30 Zindabad ( hope never dies, true vigour never fails, education is the right for everyone, Hail Super 30)

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Any memorable moments
A couple, but the one which stood out was this – A teenage boy is cleaning a sewage, he comes out from the pit and finds a pamphlet of Anand Kumar’s free teaching school, hope fills the air and we see underprivileged kids expressing their desire to be engineers, scientist etc and willing to appear for the prestigious IIT – Jee entrance exams.

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The Story
A biographical drama on the life of the living legend the genius Anand Kumar an Indian educationalist and a mathematician best known for his incredible Super 30 programme, which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002.

The programme coaches underprivileged students for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) which has a success rate of around 1 to 3 percent. Success rate of Super 30 students appearing for IIT – Jee reportedly is unbelievably astounding ranging from 80 to 100 percent. Hrithik Roshan plays Anand Kumar and the movie is a dramatized account of this miraculous achievement.

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Hrithik Roshan
Coming after a hiatus of two years, the Greek God of Bollywood – Hrithik Roshan takes a paradigm shift, discards his known traits and gives a performance that will be remembered forever.  It takes some time and slowly but surely Hrithik with his pitch perfect Bihari accent wins hearts. Physically Anad kumar and Hrithik in real are poles apart but slowly Hrithik gets into the groove and uses the persona of the genius mathematician as his pro and comes triumph.

The trailer may have triggered a debate but in my opinion when the audience will looks Hrithik in the entire movie, they will definitely identify with the transformation he goes and achieves the required nuances. It’s an assured and measured performance in the end with Hrithik bringing his own mannerisms and body language at some vital points. Bravo!!.

Movie review
Writer Sanjeev Dutta pens a dramatized account, the approach is filmy but not flimsy, Anand Kumar is shown as a hero – the underdog which will work in the mainstream format where audience are watching Hrithik Roshan playing a genius mathematician. Director Vikas Bahl attempts a blockbuster and a story of triumph against all odds and succeeds to a considerable extent. SUPER 30 rides on Hrithik’s brilliance and heartfelt moments like the ‘No dance’ drama. However, the writer director fail to highlight the making of the phenomenon called Anand Kumar and the undercurrent of class divide in this exercise. It comes out more as a Bollywood potboiler where we have a corrupt neta played exceptionally by Pankaj Tripathi and a coaching class owner marvelously played by Aditya Shrivastava.

The nostalgia on Anand Kumar’s childhood and how he attained his command over mathematics is missed. The back story of students is also found missing plus some vital facts are omitted. Some light on how the life of students from Super 30 has changed the scenario and outlook of people.

A hint on how Anand Kumar students have an edge over others could have made this movie push its envelope much further. However, as a mainstream commercial format the writer director manipulate convincingly and make SUPER 30 an absorbing tale of how a genius teacher builds a school foir underprivileged kids trains them for the prestigious IIT – Jee for free. At times when we are pissed off by the ways some educational institutions have made this as a business, SUPER 30 sets an example for the world to follow.

Performance of other actors
Veteran Virendra Saxena is fantastic. Sadhana Singh as Anand’s mother is super ( she should have got more scope as she was the one who made food for the students). T. Nandish Singh as Anand’s supportive brother is fine. Mrunal Thakur impresses. Amit Sadh is wasted.

Technicalities and other aspects
Anay Goswami and Michal Sosna’s cinematography is incredible. Mukesh Chhabra deserves full marks for casting especially the kids. Production Design by Subrata Chakraborty, Amit Ray is effective. Art Direction by Pallab Chanda and Dilip Rokade sets the mood. Costume Design by Niharikha Bhasin Khan and Subodh Srivastava is authentic.

Special mention for Ajay Atul background score is a must ( but the same cannot be said for the movie’s music). A. Sreekar Prasad editing could have been better. Last but not the least, the makeup department of this movie was adamant to make the audience cringe. Why on earth Hrithik Roshan has to look dark, Anand Kumar doesn,t has a dark complexion.  

Final words
SUPER 30 is a look into the life of a living legend the genius mathematician Anand Kumar who made the impossible – infused hope amongst the unfortunates that they too can make fortunes for themselves and their generations.

Told through a filmy eye, it may sound filmy but this intimacy with the genius on screen enacted by Hrithik Roshan leaves a profound impression and makes us ponder – how much there is to this man Anand Kumar who stirred a revolution and how much there is to this actor Hrithik Roshan who is now so fearless and much KAABIL to the core after every movie.

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