THE FINAL EXIT Movie Review: A baffling reconstruction of eerie spooky genre

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A look to the quintessential eerie, scary genre with a different ‘eye’ that spooks with a new found ‘evil’, first time writer director Dhwanil Mehta’s THE FINAL EXIT makes an attempt to bend the genre that is normally filled by those witches, dayans, etc and succeeds to an acceptable extant.

A hot shot photographer Aditya (Kunaal Roy Kapur) is leading a dream life. All is happening and one night after a high on grass and girls, Aditya finds himself caught in a surreal maze through a mysterious woman (played by Ananya Sengupta) who comes in his dreams. What follows is a baffling search of life, its desires and beyond in the ‘deadly’ locations of Leh Ladakh.

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An atmospheric super horror, Dhwanil Mehta is never ashamed to show his influence of kafka, Ahn Byeong-ki, and other Korean directors plus the attachment with props driven by the RGV movement in his Bollywood spooks.

Dhwanil’s narration is a mix of all mentioned above and is sprinkled by the ‘stone’ genre tones that makes this supernatural horror different. Those who will go for the generally ‘accepted’ horror genre may find it something going beyond their expectations and imaginations. But for those who search for ‘winks’ at novelty will find it interesting.

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Dhwanil twines his horror coin with Indian philosophy of life and death in the end that gives it an edge. Like an atmospheric horror, THE FINALEXIT uses the locations, lighting and sound to its maximum benefit. Ajay Pandey’s captivating cinematography that captures the picturesque locales of Ladakh gives the movie its required stage and premise. Shantanu Sudame’s background score adds to the feel and compliments the director vision which is necessary in such genre. Production values are decent.

Kunaal Roy Kapur in the lead sheds kilos and adds weight as an actor. it’s a different Kunaal we see here and he is earnest in his portrayal.

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Debutant Ananya Sengupta makes an impressive entry. She oozes confidence and fits nicely in the role of the mystery women in the film. The other ladies – Scarlet Wislon, Elina Kazan, Archana veda Sastry & Reyhna Malhotra chip in with valuable support.

On the flip side, THE FINAL EXIT is a mind twister for the common audience and it requires an extra understanding of the other aspect of evil, the Indian philosophy of life, death, paap, punya etc is not for the regulars. It’s not from the Ramsay’s or Bhatt’s school etc.. It gets over symbolic during the later stage and has some use of grass shown openly.

All said and done, THE FINALEXIT is not that ‘horrorex’ (horror & sex) that we see regularly. If you shed the preconceived notions of a horror and have a penchant to experience something eerie from the unknown bearings of the world we claim to know then make an entry to THE FINAL EXIT.

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