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The Sky Is Pink movie review: Critics Review, Rating, Cast and Crew

THE SKY IS PINK movie review is here. Starring Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim, and Rohit Suresh Saraf. Marking the return of Priyanka Chopra after a hiatus, THE SKY IS PINK is based on the motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary.

Helmed by national award winning director Shonali Bose, THE SKY IS PINK was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last month and is releasing on October 11, 2019. Does the movie steers our heartstrings?. Let’s find out in the movie review of THE SKY IS PINK.

Immediate reaction when the end credit rolls
Love, life death and immortality. Shonali Bose’s understanding of pain, grief, love, family, bonding, the agony of loss and the rainbow of hope is precise, direct and emotionally immersive knockout that can make even a stone hearted teary eyed.

With Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar’s impeccable performance, THE SKY IS PINK is a pious, soul-stirring metaphor that underlines deep undying love and responsibility.

Any unforgettable moments
Without turning into a spoiler, this roller coaster ride of love, family pride and bonding is filled with emotionally charged moments that holds you in the beginning and does the rare magical sweep when it marches towards the finishing line – the end credits.

The Story of THE SKY IS PINK
Based on a true story, this semi biographical on the life of made for each other couple Aditi (Priyanka Chopra) and Niren Chaudhary (Farhan Akhtar ) spanning 25 years, told through the lens of their spunky teenage daughter – Aisha Chaudhary (Zaira Wasim).

Aisha – the motivational speaker and author of the book ‘My Little Epiphanies’ suffered from pulmonary fibrosis but never gave upon life thanks to the unflinching , never give up attitude of her lovable parents adorably called Moose (Priyanka Chopra) and Panda (Farhan Akhtar).

THE SKY IS PINK movie review
An overwhelmingly heartwarming and inspirational take on love, life, death and immorality setting an example on how far love can go, at what length loving parents can go to protect, save their child.

The fragility of life and the strong challenges it throws making humanity work on its resolve that’s very near to obsession fully aware of the devastating reality that is staring – their precious love one is gradually disappearing before their eyes. Still going all out, knowing it’s next to impossible but never losing hope and in the due process enjoying the true magic of life and living in the moment.

Writer director Shonali Bose with her co writer Nilesh Maniyar displays a thorough understanding of life and the pain of loss and balances it meticulously with the brightness of life and the sadness of grief. It’s not a loud family melodrama that tries to make you cry. The tears come naturally and from time to time.

Told through the voiceover of Aisha Chaudhary (Zaira Wasim), the characters are nuanced and subtle. Displaying tremendous determination and understanding of the situation, they smile at difficult situations and merrily accept the compromises and sacrifices that come across.

An argument on the characters seeming too good to be true for some gets challenged by the fact that the movie is based on a true story that gives a sweeping reality. Our world today which is getting shorter day by day with the advent of technologies where you have family groups on apps like whatsup but sadly the bonding is found missing, THE SKY IS PINK serves as a heartfelt reminder that there is nowhere to hide, death is inevitable, the better you embrace it with open-arms and acceptance the better life will be. It’s how you make your death a memorable one.

Shonali Bose as a helmer has a unique ability to showing the conflicts of humanity with circumstances. Be it the thought provoking AMU, a rare slice of life MARGARITA WITH A STRAW that displayed a unique marriage of sexuality with disability. THE SKY IS PINK is more ambitious and spiritual in its theme, layers and insight. It’s nostalgic and joyous as well.

Shonali remarkably sidesteps the known melodrama of Indian tearjerkers and still hits the bulls eye aiming at the target audience and their families. Shonali Bose takes a sweet pleasing fairy tale approach and fills it with sentimentality, humour and sadness. She smartly focuses on the parents and gradually brings Aisha’s spunk to force making it a family that everyone desires.

Priyanka Chopra as Aditi aka Moose as the Tiger Mom who can go at all length to save her child is a class apart. Coming out from here confront zone and pushing her limits like she did in BARFI, SAAT KHOON MAAF, MARY KOM, here she completes the circle and gives an unforgettable performance.

Farhan Akhtar showcases an impeccable display of restrain and subtlety as Niren Chaudhary aka Panda a true lover a great father and a human with a rare edge of humanity. If you considered BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG and ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA as his best acts then THE SKY IS PINK will urge you to think again. Sheer brilliance.

Zahira Wasim as Aisha is simply outstanding. She has decided to quit acting in real and Aisha seems to be the best goodbye ever.

Rohit Suresh Saraf as the lovable brother makes a great impact and is fantastically natural.

THE SKY IS PINK is a technical marvel as well in terms of the brilliant use of colour tones thanks to the brilliance of cinematographers Kartik Vijay and Nick Cooke. They marvelously create all the moods with perfect colour tones.

People may question its cinematic liberties at some point. Somewhere in between a ‘constructive’ approach is felt where the economic rise of Panda and Moose is somewhat sudden. Some may find the movie taking its own sweet time.

Final words
In the 1960 notable new age French classic BREATHLESS by Jean-Luc Godard, Patricia (Jean Seberg) asks Michel (Jean-Paul Belmondo), “ What’s your greatest ambition?. Michel replies, “ To become immortal and then die’. THE SKY IS PINK is a tribute to the above mentioned quote and life that embraces death and accepts the challenges that life throws with a determined smile.

Having its own adage the title is a statement that it’s your life and it’s you who decide its colour.  When Blue – loyalty trust grows further it turns Pink – universal love, affection, harmony and inner peace. Please carry an extra pair of handkerchiefs.


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Avika Gor

Pragya Jaiswal

Hina Khan

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The Sky Is Pink movie review: Critics Review, Rating, Cast and Crew THE SKY IS PINK movie review is here. Starring Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim, and Rohit Suresh Saraf. Marking the return of Priyanka Chopra after a hiatus, THE SKY IS PINK is based on the motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary.Helmed by national award winning...