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TIGER ZINDA HAI Movie Review: Tiger Zinda Hai Aur Rahega

A swashbuckling action packed thriller having Bollywood’s popular box office muscle man Salman Khan in his known and ‘accepted’ swag

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A swashbuckling action packed thriller having Bollywood’s popular box office muscle man Salman Khan in his known and ‘accepted’ swag, TIGER ZINDA HAI by Ali Abbas Zafar tags the follow up of the YRF’s 2012 smash romantic spy thriller hit EK THA TIGER overwhelmingly for the fans…

The well shot action packed thriller places the superstar Salman Khan above everything be it logics, bullets, fire, wolves etc where we find the RAW teaming up with ISI for a common enemy (now it’s up to you whether to keep your eyes wide open in disbelief or astonished by ‘bhai’s gravity and logic defined heroics) in the name of ‘aman’and ‘asha’.

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Ali Abbas Zafar picks up where the 2012 romantic spy thriller ended. Indian RAW agent Tiger (Salman Khan) and ISI agent Zoya (Katrina Kaif) are settled somewhere in Austria with their son. The chief Shenoy (Girish Karnad) has a mission for the best spy in the world. 25 Indian nurses along with 15 from Pakistan are held hostage at a hospital by a dreaded extremist organization ISC (name changed in the film but for strange reasons RAW and ISI remain) anyways finding logic in a Salman Khan entertainer (bhai can make a funny video on how to cook a biryani and that too can be a blockbuster) is a waste of valuable resources like time and energy. Further those who want to see the superstar care a damn on whatever is said here, but still if you are reading, the sleeping tiger gets a wakeup call and he is on a prowl.

Luckily this time in a la Neerj Pandey mode – the writers Neelesh Misra and Ali Abbas Zafar gives Tiger a team and there is some degree of establishment in the characters of a sniper played by Paresh Pahuja,, a techie played by Kumud Mishra, and a bomb diffuser played by Angad Bedi. A team is formed and later wife Zoya joins in her Tomb Raider inspired avatar to rescue nurses from Pakistan. Clap clap, they all slap, punch and kick the hatred between India and Pakistan which nobody can do in reality to rescue the nurses in the film from the deadly clutches of ISC chief Abu Usman (Sajjad Delafrooz) . Of course there
are Americans also in this high octane espionage thriller. America has given a warning to attack the hostage location with drones in seven days.

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An out and out Salman Khan show, the movie has some raw pulse rising action with feisty combat fight sequences. Katrina gets her share of kicks, summersaults and punches.

Technically sound and well crafted actioner with rich production values, TIGER ZINDA HAI gets the look and feel of an international thriller thanks to Marcin Laskawiec splendid cinematography.

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Apart from the well organized fight sequences, the movie is a step ahead from the original in offering pure thrills uninterrupted by any songs. Plus the light hearted banter between Indian and Pakistani agents brings smile to your face.

Still Ali Abbas Zafar could have utilized the available resources properly and made a much tout thriller with international appeal, the bollywood answer to BOURNE IDENTITY series, ARGO or even ZERO DARK THIRTY.

But instead it’s more of Salman Khan’s show in the end where he holds different guns in this Ramboesque avatar. Yes, to ensure the box office success he is capable of, he bares his torso here too.

Katrina gets her moment of swag while the talented supporting cast that includes Paresh Rawal and Kumud Mishra are left underutilized. Paresh Pahuja and Angad Bedi are just passable in available footage. Sajjad Delafrooz as the ISC chief fails to impress.

Veteran Girish Karnad is in his element. Anant Vidhaat Sharma is fine.

So, TIGER ZINDA HAI the follow up of the 2012 romantic spy thriller hit reminds of the acclaimed Malayalam film TAKE OFF starring Parvathy for a bit, the “Swag’ number during the end credits recalls DJ Chetah’s ‘The Horns’ but apart from the ‘inspirations’ and the depreciation in subtlety with the summersault of logic with a blast, TIGER (Salman) remains ZINDA escaping all the bullets, fire, attack etc for his fans. TIGER ZINDA HAI AUR RAHEGA (the third installment will now be awaited)

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