Ding Dong Ding.. VEEREY ‘KI’ WEDDING ya VEERE DI WEDDING.. Ki Farak Painda (rough translation - doesn,t matter) Bollywood wedding theme on the platter


Ding Dong Ding.. VEEREY ‘KI’ WEDDING ya VEERE DI WEDDING.. Ki Farak Painda (rough translation – doesn,t matter) Bollywood wedding theme on the platter, the routine ‘tikka’ of rom com with the chutney of saddi Delhi feel and a kachoomer ( rough translation – salad) of north Indian lingo.. bingo.. zingo.. let it go I say.

Starring – see I am the next Salman Khan, I am telling you for quite some time now wala Pulkit Samrat in lead who plays Veer and here also he is carrying the ‘hangover’ of Salman Khan. He plays Veer – the ‘dilli ka stud’ who wants to marry Geet (Kriti Kharbanda). Veer has no kaam dhanda (not a working professional) so this ‘cool’ bandha is busy helping others, bashing goons for good. Veer is a do-gooder vigilante, he prevents robberies and help needy with money but cannot save those scams that has rocked our nation. What a waste of a ‘handsome’ talent.

Anyways Geet’s father Gopi Bhalla (Satish Kaushik) is against the marriage. Gopiji is a peace loving man and he cannot give his daughter permission to marry a boy who bashes up goons, so what if the bashing was done by Veer to save a girl’s pride. Otherwise, Gopi Bhalla is a lovable and perhaps the most believable character in this bunch of assembles brought together in the name of shaadi on screen by director Ashu Trikha (DEEWAANAPAN, ENEMMY, KOYELAANCHAL.. jaane do.. ). Pls note – the spellings of the movies written in the bracket are not mine.


Rest things are fine with the writers of this on screen ‘lagan patrika’ (wedding invitation) – Dilip Shukla and Deepa Bakshi whose hearts seemed to be ruled by the loud, colourful and cheerful Bollywood masala but sadly, this adventure is not the same. Obviously set in Delhi, when Geet’s father the roly – poly Gopiji sticks to ‘no’ means ‘no’ for a violent Veer, Balli (Jimmy Shergill), Veer’s cousin who is unlucky in love and is searching for a perfect match spoils everything by threatening the poor Gopiji with a desire to have that delicious imarti (cousin of jalebi – those who are unaware and sugar conscious) at Gopiji’s house by constructing a ‘bhatti’ (furnace) in Gopiji’s house. Now seriously, any rational thinker and/or an out rightly weird to the helm foodie will reject such an offer, even if ‘imarti’ remains his most loved sweet.

But nothing, absolutely nothing lies beneath this desperate and tasteless rom com which is wrapped in a good looking packet. It goes well with the dialogue said by Gopiji “Na dahi na bhalle, balle balle’ ( I refuse to translate this in English).

But wait, there is a twist in this mist, Veer’s sidekick – a loud-mouthed but incompetent cop named Rani Chaudhary (Yuvika Chaudhary) is also there to give the war between the parents a break.


No doubt Pulkit is handsome and is a natural dancer but he needs to get out of the Salman Khan thing now. Kriti Kharbanda just repeats herself.

Technically too an ordinary fare. However music by Meet Bros, Jaidev Kumar, Ashok Punjabi, Farzaan Faaiz is better.

If Satish Kaushik and Jimmy Shergill were not part of this bore com, VEEREY KI WEDDING would have been impossible to bear. Their presentation adds new dimension to their erstwhile cliché characters. It’s like a particular dessert or a side dish better than the whole spread out meal at a loud, colorful wedding.

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