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YAARAM ( or #YAARAM) movie review is here. Helmed by award winning ad filmmaker and fashion cinematographer, Ovais Khan, the movie stars Prateik Babbar, Siddhanth Kapoor and Ishita Raj. Releasing on October 18 2019, the movie is said to be a tale of undying friendship that finds conflicts in believes and faith. How does it ‘fares’, Let’s find out in the movie review of YAARAM.

Immediate reactions when the end credit rolls.
There is no second opinion on the honorable PM Narendra Modi’s government Triple Talaq bill decision which is hailed as a step forward in upliftment and empowerment of women. There is no second opinion either on the pious intentions of Ovasis Khan on taking a light hearted approach to the sensitive issue of Triple Talaq.

The Story of YAARAM 
Rohit Bajaj (Prateik Babbar), Sahil (Siddhanth Kapoor) and Zoya (Ishita Raj Sharma) are BFF.  Rohit is set to marry Subha Rajput.  – the choice of his parents (Anita Raj and Dalip Tahil).


He plans to meet his buddies in Mauritius – Sahil has married Zoya but when Rohit meets Sahil, he is shocked to find that his friend has made a mockery of his marriage with Zoya and divorced her by saying the word ‘talaq’ three times. In a weird plan to get back his wife, Sahil hatches a plan that makes a mockery of the Nikah Halala practice. What happens next finds the crux of this movie

YAARAM movie review
Debutant director Ovais Khan takes a light hearted syrupy, easy, bubble gum approach to a plot which could have been a time bomb exploding at will. The idea to set it in the picturesque Mauritius may be the reason for getting the suave look and highlighting the patriarch mentality that prevails in certain males no matter how cool urban or suave you are.

The absence of charged up melodrama and conflicts on people belonging to different religions in a move that talks about conversion, triple talaq and nikah halala is an unexpected surprise.


More depth in characterization and an insightfully healthy debate on the issue could have work wonders and the script could have been crisper. However the idea to go light hearted and softly addresses the burning issue where a fit of rage/anger/forced machismo ruins a relationship gets its focus and ponders a while on the audience.

Prateik Babbar, Siddhanth Kapoor and Ishita Raj are decent in their roles.  Veteran actors Dalip Tahil and Anita Raj chip in with valuable support. Subha Rajput has her moments.

Final words
YAARAM has flaws and some are glaring but the pious intention is undeniable, the absence of high pitch melodrama which could have been easily possible is commendable to an extent. Ovais Khan could have tried a spoof on the issue or maybe he had attempted one in his capacity. Whatever be the case, YAARAM is a pious attempt with decent acts.


Ovasis shows flashes of his flair in handling light hearted dramas. Going with a generous three for YAARAM, for that ‘triple’ mockery on love, faith and understanding which thankfully now comes under the scrutiny of law.

Critic Rating


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