12 witty yet sensible replies of Shah Rukh Khan that left us amazed!

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Besides charming with his romantic antics, if there is one thing that Shah Rukh Khan can ever sweep you off your feet with is his witticism.

The multi-talented star, who has been best at everything that he does, is entertaining both on and off screen.

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At any point of time, you can get bowled over by his wisecracks. So was the case when he indulged into a one-to-one chat with his fans on social media platform and gave some really clever yet cool answers.

While SRK had a long chat with fans across, we list you down 12 best replies from the King Khan that left us amazed:

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Q:@iamsrk Are we anytime soon gonna see SRK in a roast?
A:@Schemerrrr u can't roast me without getting burnt to the bones…

Q:@iamsrk how does it feel to be in the 3rd spot behind Aamir-Salman?
A: @Ak5hayP I am actually in the last spot. The backbencher and that's why i have most fun….

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Q:@iamsrk do u belive in god's miracle ?????
A: @UjaSrk haven't you heard ' kaun kehta hai chamatkaar nahi hote…mujhe Zara Kareeb se dekho…

Q: @iamsrk Ur secret of success..??
A: @im_jiyakapoor I am still trying to find out.

Q: @iamsrk On a scale of 1 to 10, how fake are the rumors of the 3 Khan movie? #AskSrk
A: @sakinayay somewhere between Moon is made of Cheese and the Lochness Monster…

Q: @iamsrk Fake people everywhere !! What's your opinion ?????
A: @iambunty17 it balances the world…u need a bit of cheapness to appreciate dearness.

Q: @iamsrk @dharmik_dave #AskSrk do u like maths ?
A: @iamtheNAIR as much as a hole in the head

Q: @iamsrk I wish my feelings had delete button 🙁 Hope for your reply
A: @iambunty17 u should hope your delete button had feelings….so u don't erase memories in haste

Q: @iamsrk @iamsrk an advice for an aspiring actress?? Really need an answer!
A: @purvi_shetty be humble and honest. Just act the peripherals are not important as much as ur managers will tell u so.

Q: @iamsrk BIGGEST ADMIRER OF UR HARDWORK and dedication.u have motivated me n will continue to do so forev..just wonderin what motivates u?
A: @Shekhar_rox I think motivation is reasonless. After a while money success fame does not matter u do wot u so cos it's like breathing…

Q: @iamsrk do u believe I gifting love or material things….
A: @akramsheriff gift wrap my love

Q: @iamsrk when girls talk abt ur dimples how do u feel ??
A: @imalnkritapthk very shy….



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