25 nuggets of Aamir Khan’s career Part-2

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Aamir Khan really came into his own from the beginning of the new century i.e. 21stcentury, and this facet of Aamir Khan was marked by his contribution to social issues affecting the country and also trying to find a solution to the issues.

So this part of Aamir Khan's story may be more tilted towards his evolution as a concerted citizen, but would also factor in his evolution as an artist par excellence.

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AAMIR AS A BRAND AMBASSADOR: Aamir Khan redefined the paradigms of celebrity endorsements with Cola drink campaigns, where series of stories were built into the campaign, be it Aamir as a Bihari, or a Punjabi or a Japanese, Aamir indeed, underlined the fact that he is a performer who can enact any role.

AAMIR KHAN AS A SOCIAL CRUSADER: It was after the phenomenal success of RANG DE BASANTI that Aamir Khan started taking his role in the society rather seriously and he began associated with causes with his campaign for Narmada Bachao Andolan .What Aamir Khan had suggested in RANG DE BASANTI of leading candle march against the government, indeed became a demonstrative tool of protest against the government.

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STILL GAUGES AUDIENCE REACTION TO HIS FILM IN HALLS: How many of us are aware about the fact that Aamir still gauges the reaction to his films by the audience by watching the movie in cinema halls along with them, and he does it rather surreptitiously but diligently.

AAMIR as a Comic Star: Aamir Khan is one actor who has been blessed with a rare sense of comedy and it has been manifest from the cult film ANDAAZ APNA APNA right up to 3 IDIOTS, and through his comedy continues to enthrall the audience around the world. May be on the 25th anniversary of his association with cinema, in the era of remakes somebody needs to remake ANDAAZ APNA APNA again.

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AAMIR's TELEVISION DEBUT: He took quite a lot of time to make his debut on television, but when he did make through 'Satyamev Jayate' it became most talked about television show in India and abroad and the manner in which Aamir Khan shook the conscience of the nation by picking one social aberration or the other, assumed ominous proportions for the ruling class.

AUDITIONIONED FOR A ROLE IN WIFE KIRAN RAO's FILM: Ironical as it may sound, the only film in which Aamir Khan did an audition in his acting career was in wife Kiran Rao's film DHOBI GHAT, he might have auditioned at the beginning of his career, but once he became a star he never had to give audition, but Kiran Rao gave him a reality check.

ONLY STAR TO BE DIRECTED BY HIS WIFE: Directors have directed their wives, and included in this category are Kamal Amrohi etc., but Aamir Khan is the only star to this date in Hindi films who has been directed by his wife, film obviously was DHOBI GHAT and this is one unique feat that would be difficult to emulate in Hindi film industry.

FIRST SUPERSTAR TO TURN DIRECTOR: He was the first superstar to turn a director. He successfully directed TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.

RARE STAR FROM BOLLYWOOD TO FEATURE IN 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE LIST OF A US BASED MAGAZINE: Aamir is among the rare stars of Bollywood to feature in the 100 Most Influential People in the World List.

AAMIR UNDERLINED IMPORTANCE OF SPORTS as A CAREER THROUGH HIS FILMS: Right from the time when he was associated with JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDER to GHULAM , LAGAAN, TAARE ZAMEEN PAR etc., Aamir has underlined the importance of sports in the life of the common citizen and has through his films set the benchmarks to strive for and overhaul them.

ACTED OPPOSITE MAXIMUM FOREIGN STARS: Aamir would be perhaps the only star who has acted with 3 different ladies from foreign countries in his films, with Alice Patten in RGB, with Rachelle Shelley in LAGAAN and with Coral Beed in MANGAL PANDEY- THE RISING, all the three films in one way or the other associated with Indian rising.

AAMIR AS FAMILY MAN: Though he might have been separated from his first wife Reena, he never forgets to make it a point that she is a part of all the functions of his family, be it the marriage of Imran Khan, Imran Khan's house warming party, or for that matter celebration of 25 years of QSQT Aamir has ensured that family comes first in his scheme of things, and it is one big family.

AAMIR AS GURU DUTT: In the realm of filmmaking, Aamir Khan is more akin to Guru Dutt, in terms of having faith in his gut instincts to make a movie, no wonder he has been offered to enact the role of Guru Dutt by 2 different directors, Anurag Kashyap and Naseer Munni Kabeer.

May be, when he completes 50 years, it would an occasion of abundance to choose what to write and what not to write on this meteoric star.

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