Friday, October 22, 2021

5 reasons that make Sandeep Kulkarni starrer Krutant a must watch film

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As the release for the highly anticipated film, KRUTANT is nearing, the intensity for excitement among the audience is undoubtedly increasing. The film has already gripped the viewers with its breathtaking trailer and promises a thrilling  journey ahead. The trailer of the film has garnered an overwhelming response from the audience and it has been making rounds on the internet creating a buzz around. A disheveled protagonist equipped with eyeopening lines is just one of the many highlights of this suspense thriller film. Beyond the trailer, we give you five reasons why KRUTANT is a must watch. 

Sandeep Kulkarni casts a distinctive side:
Sandeep Kulkarni strikes with an unkempt look and hints at an unusual past. For the first time ever Sandeep has taken up an unconventional avatar for a suspense thriller film. While he also surprised with his moves in the peppy anthem song Thamb Kinchit Thamb but he definitely promises an intriguing journey in the film.

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Songs of the film: 
Apart from the story, Krutant attracts with its soothing songs. Truly, songs Tu Ani Mi and Yeh Phiruni Punha are a musical treat to ears as music composer Vijay Gavande has spilled his magic with amazing musical composition. While famous lyricist Guru Thakur will top your artist list as he has made his debut as a playback singer with the tap footing track Thamb Kinchit Thamb.

Visuals of the film: 
Krutant is visually appealing as it has been extensively shot at outdoor locations. Going through the trailer it can be seen that the film dives into the woods and many of the sequences have been shot in dark. Undoubtedly it holds interest even for more.

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Spine chilling environment:
With captivating shots, thrilling music KRUTANT sets up a spine-tingling environment. Undoubtedly the trailer presents a package of suspense and mystery for the film. So just fasten your seat belts to dive into this breathtaking journey.

Gripping storyline: 
Datta Bhandare who is making directorial debut with KRUTANT has perfectly managed to hold the interest with an intriguing storyline. The film will keep you at the edge of the seat and will entangle you in a mysterious tale.

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Directed by Datta Mohan Bhandare, KRUTANT stars Sandeep Kulkarni, Suyog Gorhe, Sayli Patil, Vidya Karanjikar along with Vaishnavi Patwardhan. The film is produced by Miiheer Shah under the banner of Rain Rose Films and is slated to release on 18th January.  

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