5 reasons why you should watch the film GALI GULEIYAN this September!

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Just after its trailer release, GALI GULEIYAN has been receiving massive appreciation from across the verticals. Industry stalwarts to the Twitteratis', everybody's been boasting about the maze-like plot and of course Manoj Bajpayee for what he does best; living the character.

The trailer within a week of its release has garnered a whopping figure of 2+ million eyeballs and if you haven't watched it yet then it's time you must give it a shot.

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Here we present to you 5 reasons why you should watch the film GALI GULEIYAN this September;

1. Manoj Bajpayee – Known for his dynamism, Manoj Bajpayee has already earned global recognition and respect which seems never-ending. He bagged Best Actor award for his performance in GALI GULEIYAN at the Melbourne Film Festival. Here in the story, he plays a character of a man who is trapped within his own tormented psyche and his adaptation will leave you spellbound! He truly can pull off any scene or shot in a mannerism you wouldn't ever want to miss!

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2. Mesmerizing alleys of Old Delhi- The film captures the mesmerizing alleys of Old Delhi and has been depicted in a manner like never before. We have often associated it with kite flying, a foodie's hub and with happy faces around but here GALI GULEIYAN presents it and its existence in a way like never seen on cinema before.

3. Mind-bending plot- GALI GULEIYAN narrates a story of a paranoid man and his entrapment in a maze of his own psyche. This mind-bending plot with its unsolved mystery will actually make you feel entrapped and claustrophobic. It is an immersive cinematic encounter that is sure to challenge you physically and psychologically, just like a ride at Universal or Disneyland.
So are you ready for such an intriguing experience this September?

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4. The on-screen camaraderie between Manoj Bajpayee and Ranvir Shorey- Both the acclaimed actors are best known for taking up challenging scripts and delivering power-packed performances. Now with such a plot coming our way, it wouldn't be any less a thrill to watch this duo syncing seamlessly in a single frame. The movie-buffs now surely know what to expect!

5. The kickass technical support- Known for his excellent score-mixing expertise in the Sci-Fi mystery Arrival, Daniel Kresco and Christ Witt who's excellent editing skills has added another dimension to the story, GALI GULEIYAN has surely been made complementing the International standards. The technical support also includes other stalwarts like Steven Bodner, the colorist who has also worked with Martin Scorsese, WOLF OF WALL STREET, etc in the past.

With such interesting anecdotes coming our way, we're sure to have a blast of an experience watching GALI GULEIYAN in theaters soon.

Directed by debutant Dipesh Jain, produced by Shuchi Jain of Exstant Motion Pictures, GALI GULEIYAN will release in India and Worldwide on 7th September 2018.

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