5 things you must know about GABBAR IS BACK trailer launch

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What can be better than Akshay Kumar and action stunts? GABBAR IS BACK trailer launch saw some interesting turn of events. We bring you the details of what happened at the launch. Take a look…

Akshay gives phansi ki saza to corruption

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Akshay Kumar along with a bunch of people wore Gabbar mask and brought a coffin on stage. They took out an effigy which represented corruption. Akki then gave phaansi ki saza to the effigy. Just to be sure, he also set it on fire.

Akshay Kumar even jumped on the top of car and spoke about the end of corruption. “I hate violence. But there’s a way to end corruption which you will see in GABBAR,” said Akshay.

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‘GABBAR is not SHOLAY part 2’
Akshay made it very clear that GABBAR is not SHOLAY part 2. “This Gabbar is different. That Gabbar was the villain and this Gabbar is the hero. This film has nothing to do with that film: this film is not SHOLAY part 2. Both the characters are different,” said Akshay.

‘There is corruption in media as well’
At the trailer launch when asked if there was corruption in the film industry, Akshay Kumar said, “Where is corruption not there? If you are pointing a finger at the film industry, let me tell you that there is corruption in media as well.”

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Fans going berserk
The trailer of the film was also shown to some fans of Akshay Kumar, who obviously went crazy and were shouting ‘Blockbuster’ once it was over over.

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