6 hilarious movie plots of HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI

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HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI is slated to release this Friday, but we are still unsure what the movie is all about. So here are 6 possible funny plots of this Emraan Hashmi- Vidya Balan- Rajkummar Rao starrer that our crazy minds thought of. So sit back, take a look & enjoy…

Vidya Balan couldn’t find true love in her earlier movies & the trend continues…
Be it THE DIRTY PICTURE or KAHAANI, Vidya didn’t have a happy ending, & HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI seems to follow the same footsteps…

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Rajkummar Rao ditches Kangana in QUEEN & becomes an abusive husband to Vidya in HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI

Seems like depression got to his head!
Vidya Balan had faked her pregnancy in KAHAANI. Is she faking her emotions as well in HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI?

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Turns out Vidya Balan is just pretending to be sad throughout the trailer, while she’s on a secret mission…

Emraan Hashmi becomes MR. X and stalks Vidya Balan
After a while, Emraan Hashmi gives up on Vidya Balan because he can’t see her depressed, & thus becomes MR. X (an invisible man). But he can’t resist and keeps stalking her.

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Apparently the movie doesn’t have any kisses – which is why the movie is HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI
Imagine a movie where Emraan Hashmi has no kisses! It would be an adhuri kahani – not only for Vidya, but also for us…

Turns out Rajkummar Rao is gay
After marriage, Vidya Balan comes to know that Rajkummar Rao is gay and that’s precisely why she’s sad all the time.



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