7 lessons of life from Sridevi’s ENGLISH VINGLISH

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Cinema is now being used as a case study to deduce learnings which can be put into practice by the managers as also the common man to improve his life and bring about qualitativeness to it. ENGLISH VINGLISH is one such simple film that has ample lessons of life, as a case study, woven into it, and it also has some fundas of life as well. Here is a list of those principles of management that the film enunciates:

LOVE YOURSELF AND MOVE OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE TO FIND YOURSELF: Sridevi is not considered as a human being in her own house, nobody bothers about her feelings, everybody is just interested in getting things done, but when she moves to America and finds herself her own family has to recognize her talent. We have to move outside our comfort zones to carve a niche for ourselves.

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TECHNOLOGY CAN BREAK BARRIERS AND BECOME THE EMPOWERING TOOL FOR EDUCATION: When Sridevi cannot go to learn her lessons, her silent admirer from France, calls up Sridevi and puts the phone on speaker mode and she is able to learn her lessons.

DIGNITY IS WHAT DEFINES AN INDIVIDUAL AND IT COMES THROUGH PROPER SALUTATIONS: A sense of pride in what you do is the key to success on the path of entrepreneurship. Sridevi had been making laddoos but she was known as laddoo maker, but when she began the teaching course, in the introduction phase she is referred as 'entrepreneur' and this inculcates a sense of dignity in her about her work that she is doing.

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RELATIONSHIPS IN LIFE COUNT, AND THEY MAY NOT BE BLOOD RELATIONSHIPS, ONE NEEDS TO SAVOR THEM: Blood relationships never care for the relationships, it is those whom one meets outside the connecting zones of blood that become friends for life and they need to be treasured, as it was here in the film where Sridevi's niece and her classmates gave her a sense of dignity in her life.

ENJOY THE FIRST EXPERIENCE, SHED INHIBITIONS: Big B gave a very important lesson in the film when Sridevi boarded the flight and landed in USA. He gave a very valuable lesson that the first initiation into a process should be enjoyed without hesitation as it is the best learning experience.

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A WOMAN AFTER MARRIAGE SHOULD NOT SUBSUME HER IDENTITY INTO THE FAMILY WHERE SHE HAS MARRIED: Normally a woman in the Indian context subsumes her identity with the family where she has married, but ENGLISH VINGLISH underlines the fact that individuality should not be compromised for anything at all.

BE PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY: Last but most important lesson, when the immigration officer asks Big B what is her purpose of coming to USA, he quips to spend some dollars so that some levels of poverty be mitigated, indeed we should not sulk about our country but be proud that it has achieved so much in spite of so many pitfalls.

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