Aamir Khan’s 25 glorious years in Bollywood

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It was on 01 May 1988 that a romantic saga hit the silver screens all across India, it was named, QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK and it gave rise to a phenomenon called Aamir Khan, who continues to rule the world of Hindi cinema since 1988. It indeed is a fortuitous moment for Aamir Khan and the world of Hindi cinema that when Hindi cinema is celebrating his hundredth year, he also has been in his own way 25% responsible for contributing to the glory that the world of Hindi cinema has achieved for itself today.

Aamir Khan's 25 glorious years in Bollywood
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Aamir Khan's 25 glorious years in BollywoodAamir Khan's 25 glorious years in BollywoodAamir Khan's 25 glorious years in Bollywood
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One common denominator that emerges as the striking motif across most of his work is the fact that Aamir Khan has throughout his career swum against the tide, changed the goalposts, and there is nobody who can compare with him on this count. He was the heart throb of the nation when QSQT became a roaring hit, but he had the courage and the belief to work in a film like RAAKH immediately after QSQT. Had it been any other star, perhaps, he could have postponed the release of RAAKH after QSQT and basked in the glory of QSQT, but not Aamir. No wonder, to him would eventually go the credit of being the first star in the Hindi film industry whose film GHAJINI was the first film to do a business of Rs. 100 crore.

While it is a talk of the industry that Aamir Khan takes quite a lot of time and is methodical in his approach to film making, how many of us would be aware about the fact that before Aamir decided to join the film industry, he prepared himself for three years to understand the craft of cinema before taking the plunge. It was only a person like Aamir Khan who had the courage to express his opinion on Big B’s performance on his blog about BLACK, which, though was not liked by Big B, but Aamir Khan was humble enough to clarify his viewpoint about BLACK by personally meeting Big B. And yes, after this incident perhaps, he stopped being a regular contributor to his blog, may be owing to the fact that he was too candid and being blunt enough.

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Aamir Khan indeed has changed the goal posts with each of his films that he has enacted in, and indeed created a new paradigm of marketing cinema with 3 IDIOTS when he started appearing in as outlandish appearances as one could imagine, and created a sense of anticipation about his next appearance. He also stood up to the promises that he had made around 3 IDIOTS, as he appeared in the wedding of the son of the auto rickshaw driver, whom he had roped in, during one of his disguises in Varanasi. How many of the stars would remember to fulfill these promises, but Aamir being Aamir he fulfilled the promise.

Aamir Khan is perhaps those rare stars as well, who at the height of his successful career had the courage to play the role of a villain as he did it in FANAA and is now doing it again in DHOOM 3. Besides, he also had the conviction to act and produce a movie like TAARE ZAMEEN PAR without a heroine, and made parents around the countryside stand up and change the manner in which they were dealing with their children.

Aamir Khan believes in the philosophy of his favorite author Harry Crews- what deserves to be done, deserves to be overdone”, and his acting career of 25 years is a visible testimony to the maxim. As Juhi Chawla his co-star in the QSQT has expressed the hope on this occasion that she is inclined to do a QSQT once again, who knows Aamir’s grey cells may have started activating to execute an adult romance. Indeed, it is the need of the hour for his fans, those who have been a part of this wonderful saga of 25 years, and they would surely lap it up as well, eventually whenever it is planned.

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