Abhinav Shukla: AKSAR 2 is crisp and has a taught climax!

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One of the iconic soap opera, GEET, is still remembered due to the pure and innocent lead character (Drashti Dhami), suffering for no fault of hers and due to circumstances!

Well, we finally caught up with Abhinav Shukla, who essayed Dev Khurrana in GEET, and was in a way, the initiator of her miseries.

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After a few mainstream films Abhinav is now looking forward to his upcoming venture, AKSAR 2, the next in the highly successful AKSAR series, directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan.

To know the exclusives, we caught up with the macho actor, who told us,” You see the best thing about AKSAR 2 is that it is crisp and not draggy. Ananth ji has really built up the climax superbly, because it is of utmost importance in this genre. I can say this with certainty as I dubbed the film in just one day (Anant ji was pleasantly surprised!), and obviously saw how the product has turned out to be. “

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So are you playing the new Emran Hashmi, we quip and the quick retort was, “Well, I won’t comment on that, but I essay the romantic lead, the Ricky of AKSAR 2! On a serious note, these days cinema is so developed, that there are no 100 percent good or bad guys, all have shades of grey! That is all I can disclose at this stage,” concluded Abhinav.

However, in the second part of our talk, Abhinav Shukla told us some interesting things about his AKSAR 2 costars, Zareen Khan and Shaahid Amir, amongst others, so keep tuned to your favourite portal for more!

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