Abhishek Dogra: Following all rules of Govinda-ism in FRY DAY


FRY DAY director Abhishek Dogra is confident Govindas dry phase will end with FRY DAY as he has tried to incorporate all elements that the actor is known for.

The superstar of comic timing, the maestro among crowd pleasers, Govinda has been going through a lean phase for the past few years, his career touching an all-time low with his last release AA GAYA HERO.

For Govinda, who turned 54 in December, things are just not going right. Dogra decodes why.


"It's because some filmmakers wanted to cast Govindaji against his image… Which is like going to Agra and not visiting the Taj Mahal. You can't cast Govinda and not use his exceptional comic timing or his mastery over a rapid fire flow of lines," he said.

In FRY DAY, Govinda has been cast as a theatre personality in Delhi.

"It is something he has never done and yet following all the rules of Govinda-ism that we as his fans have grown up watching," said Dogra, who as a fan-boy is beyond ecstatic working with his idol.


"I've been a Govinda fan for as long as I can remember. I've grown up revelling in and copying his dialogue delivery and his comic timing. I had decided that one day I would direct Govinda in a role and film tailor-made for him. In my FRY DAY, audiences would get to see an updated version of all the things that Govinda has come to be known for."

Dogra said signing Govinda was a joy and a cakewalk.

"I had heard about how difficult and inaccessible he had become of late. I faced none of that. I was able to meet him without any hitch. And when he heard the idea for FRY DAY, he immediately agreed to do my film. From then onwards, he was on-board.


"I had heard of his latecoming and other problems. I admit I was a little nervous. But I faced no problem at all. On the contrary, Govinda has gone out of the way to complete my film. We're almost done and I am already missing shooting with this amazing actor."

It helped that Govinda's co-star is also his fan.

Dogra said: "Varun Sharma is a major Govinda fan. He plays an unsuccessful salesman. His tuning with Govinda has to be seen to be believed."

With the success of FUKREY RETURNS, Varun is on to the new spell of success in his career. Dogra feels this is the best time catch the two actors together.

"Govinda and Varun come from different schools of acting. And yet they are one in their endeavour to generate laughter through spot-on comic timing. It's so much fun watching Varun's vibe with Govinda. I hope the chemistry shows in FRY DAY."

The film is being readied for release in April.

"We've seen in 2017 that audiences go to the movies for laughs. JUDWAA 2, GOLMAAL AGAIN and FUKREY RETURNS were all comedies. I feel laughter will remain in favour in 2018."

[By Subhash K. Jha]



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