Abhishek Kapoor’s KAI PO CHE! is different from ROCK ON!!

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Promos of KAI PO CHE! are on and it is quite obvious that filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor has managed to redefine himself as well as his filmmaking technique by keeping the whole structure, texture and flavour of the film different from that of his successful ROCK ON!!.

view KAI PO CHE! poster
view KAI PO CHE! poster

”Yes, it was a conscious call since I can’t be repeating myself. I had to be in a different space this time around. The intention to pick a story that allows you to do that. If you don’t do that then there are chances of you completely forgetting the impression you personally want to create,” reasons Abhishek.

Today, with the film’s promos making an instant impact, he is excited about the prospects of it being accepted by the audience.

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”I am quite satisfied with the way the film has shaped up. We worked really hard on the film because once you are so closely attached to the product, after a while there is novelty felt whatsoever. Even though people are responding to the film in such a positive manner, the nervousness is there,” Abhishek brings on a smile before signing off.

Also starring Amrita Puri as the leading lady, KAI PO CHE! has music by Amit Trivedi and releases all over on 22nd February.

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