Actor Skand Thakur on his debut project, passion for acting

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Actor Skand Thakur, who made his debut with ‘Feels Like Ishq’, talks about his passion for acting and how it all started from Prithvi Theatre. Skand admitted that without letting his parents know, he joined Prithvi Theatre to pursue a career as an actor.

“My parents wanted me to do engineering but I was so taken by performing arts that I kept looking for a college in and around Juhu. Prithvi Theatre is where I started working on my dream. Every time I was on stage, I felt alive and that’s the feeling I wanted to have for the rest of my life at work,” he said.

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The 26-year-old actor has a pivotal role in ‘Feels Like Ishq’ alongside co-star Tanya Maniktala.

He praises his co-star and recalls his experience of working with her.

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“Even though we didn’t have enough days to spend together before the shoot as Tanya resides in Delhi, she flew down 3-4 days before the shoot to attend a few workshops and do a few exercises.

But even in that short span of time, we developed a very good rapport with each other because she’s super kind and extremely sincere.”

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