Adah Sharma called up call centers for HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE

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Method acting is in. If actresses are known to have visited red light areas, directors have stopped by for a visit to a location of tragedy and actors have got drunk preparing for a role, newcomers are not far behind. Adah Sharma, who would be seen in her first light hearted outing HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE, prepared for the film as well by dialing in numerous call centers and conversing with the executives there.

view HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE stills
view HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE stills

“Since she is playing a call centre executive in the film, Adah wanted to her accent, tone, pace as well as vocabulary right. She is trained when it comes to diction but then girls at call centres have their own distinct way of speaking. Moreover, there is a quirk attached to her character that requires her to carry the call centre girl persona even outside the workplace,” informs a close associate of the actress, “She wanted it to be just right and hence made quite a few calls so that nothing looked fake on screen.”

“Yes, I did that and actually it turned out to be a good learning ground,” smiles Adah who earlier made a very good impression in both her serious outings, 1920 and PHHIR, “Call centre girls have a very particular way of talking and they convey a lot in those limited seconds available to them. Since I am playing one such executive, I am a part of many funny scenes where I get into this mode.”

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One such sequence is centered on her mumbling, getting a tad uncomfortable and even tongue tied on coming face to face with the crush of her life before the call centre training gets her rattling down sentences in a jiffy.

“I do get a little self-conscious in front of this guy, who by the way is someone other than the hero (Dev Goel) in the film. I really liked the way my character approached him and spoke all rubbish. Audience would have good time seeing my interaction there,” promises Adah before signing off.

Directed by Jyotin Goel, HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE also stars Sanjay Dutt and Juhi Chawla and releases all over on 24th May 2013.

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