Adah Sharma is the MAN of your dreams

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Adah Sharma announces her next film with a picture which instantly goes viral on her Instagram. The actress asks her fans "Am I the man of your dreams " the picture has Adah wearing a mustache which has everyone shocked.

The actress known for doing something out of the box with each film since her debut 1920 is now going to play a man in a romantic comedy titled MAN TO MAN. The film has a boy falling in love with Adah's character and getting married to her only to realize that she is a man ! 

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The Commando 2 and 3 actress is super excited to be playing the lead in a first of its kind film. She says," When I started out as an actress I never imagined I would end up playing a man ….but here I am, this is a unique love story. I'll leave the rest to your imagination "

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