Aditi Rao Hydari: Erotica is part of live, natural & normal

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‘Rama bua’ has managed to leave past her image from the DELHI 6 days, and how! In MURDER 3, her out and out commercial Bollywood outing where she is playing the leading lady, Aditi Rao Hydari is all set to take a new turn in her career. As Roshni, who likes to love and be loved, she has gone through an entire image change exercise. So much so that for someone like her who has forever been seen as this sweet, cute and innocent girl, right from the days of DELHI 6 to LONDON PARIS NEW YORK, it is indeed a special outing to be a part of a franchise like MURDER .

download MURDER 3 wallpaper
download MURDER 3 wallpaper

‘Well yes, I do have that sweet and innocent image but then such girls also fall in love and have sex; this is part and parcel of a love story,’ says Aditi, ‘I am very excited to be doing MURDER 3 and it is fabulous to see Bhatts picking me up for this one.’

This also meant shedding her inhibitions for good.

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‘As for that I am proud to say that the way film has evolved, it is not just about sex; there is a lot more to it. People say that MURDER is about erotica but then look at it this way; erotica is a part of life. It is natural and normal. Moreover when it comes to Bhatts, they present it all beautifully,’ she says.

On the final note she adds, ‘MURDER 3 is a great package. It is a thriller with elements of mystery, love, celebration and intrigue. As an actor it is fun to explore a different you. I can say that I am truly satisfied.’

Here is hoping audiences too feel satisfied when the film releases on 15th February 2013.

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