Aditi Rao Hydari gets ecstatic as 15000 people cheer for her

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The euphoria of BOSS is on. As the sole female lead in the film, with all the attention coming her way, the biggest high for Aditi was a visit that she made to Ahmedabad last weekend. In the city for a Garba night, she was stunned to find a crowd of around 15000 cheering for her, an experience that was indeed alien to her.

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“A contest had been announced and Aditi was there as a guest. With the music and revelries on, she too was dancing to the tunes. However the real surprise for her was when some people from the crowd too joined her on the stage and started dancing. She was enjoying her time with all the cheers and the claps but was also conscious about the security,’ a close associate adds.

Fortunately for her, the event was organised well and Aditi wasn’t bothered by the crowd and the magnitude of the situation. ‘It was fun to be surrounded by so many people. It is always special when there are crowds loving you for your very presence on stage,’ smiles Aditi.

With BOSS running in theatres, it is time now for Aditi to make her presence felt on the big screen too.

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