Aditi Rao Hydari: I’ll never do a film where I am afraid to showcase myself

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For someone who has managed to survive in the industry ever since her big screen debut in a Bollywood flick four years back, Aditi Rao Hydari continues to maintain a picture of poise, elegance and confidence. It is these very virtues that have allowed her to keep her chin up and see a constant rise in her Bollywood career flick-by-flick, what with good appreciation coming in from all quarters on a constant note.

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If Aditi is to be believed, this comes in from the very fact that one can never find her in a negative frame of mind as the 27-year old believes in being down-to-earth while keeping things simple and staying positive.

‘It may sound cliched but all I worry about is picking up good work that I am not embarrassed about, either today or tomorrow. This is the reason why I may be selective but you will never find me in a film where I am afraid to showcase myself,’ says Aditi who saw some good reviews coming in for MURDER 3, LONDON PARIS NEW YORK and YEH SAALI ZINDAGI, her last three films where she was the leading lady.

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She goes on to add, ‘I don’t think about which number I would be if my next film turns out to be a hit. If I start doing that, I may not stay positive in life and the fact remains that I hate negativity. I want to be credible, memorable and loved but not at the expense of being compared with other actresses. I can’t be fake, that’s not me.’

Well, here is hoping this is indeed the case with the pretty young woman who is seen next on the big screen in Anthony D’Souza’s BOSS. The Akshay Kumar starrer releases all over on 16th October.

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