Aditya Chopra: We’ve seen only 10 per cent of Shah Rukh Khan’s talent

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Shah Rukh Khan has charmed the audience for years with his versatile roles as antagonist, protagonist and the most charming ones coming from his romantic roles. SRK ‘s comrade with Yash Chopra is well known.

As SRK will complete 25 years in this industry, writer and filmmaker Samar Khan will launch a book, on SRK 25 Years of A Life on Shah Rukh Khan.

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We give you extract from the book that DNA has carried today that only Aditya Chopra knows.

Aditya Chopra believes that audience has seen only 10 per cent of Shah Rukh Khan’s talent as 90 per cent is still to come.

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We wonder why he said that when we have seen power packed performance of SRK in his films like SWADES, CHAK DE INDIA! Aditiya elaborates in the following excerpts from the book

“I’ve made three movies with Shah Rukh Khan DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE, MOHABBATEIN and RAB NE BANA DI JODI. Three movies mean three characters and three stories. But in my head, all three stories are actually one person’s story. They are just three different versions of the same person. In DDLJ, I made Shah Rukh play this adorable, rich, spoilt lover-boy.

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He is a bad boy but he has a heart of gold. He is the kind of boy that girls are irresistibly drawn to; the stylish rogue that every girl wants to tame. Initially, I had wanted to make a trilogy based on the character’s life at different stages.

Over time, the stories evolved and changed, but yes, in a way, all of Shah Rukh’s three characters draw from each other and are interconnected. When I thought of how Raj would be 10 years after DDLJ, if he had lost the love of his life, the answer was Raj Aryan Malhotra. That was the starting point for his character in MOHABBATEIN.

With Surinder Sahni, I was trying to portray the Raj that is hidden in each one of us. In our own love stories, we are all Raj and Simran. But just because we don’t have the paraphernalia the leather jackets and the Harley Davidsons is our story any lesser? It was a very sudden realisation brought about by a very everyday thing. I saw someone from my office buy flowers and chocolates for his girlfriend or wife.

Over the years, as a producer, a director and a friend, I have seen Shah Rukh perform multiple characters and portray all kinds of emotions. But I’ve always felt, and still feel that Shah Rukh doesn’t laugh whole-heartedly. His laughter never reaches his eyes. Somehow, it’s always a bit hollow, a bit fake.

I think that maybe that has something to do with the fact that he lost his parents very early in life. I don’t think he ever got over that loss. As an actor, I think he is the best actor in the whole world and that we’ve seen only 10 per cent of his talent. That 90 per cent is still to come and blow us away.

As a filmmaker and a friend, I hope that soon, he is offered roles that tap into the remaining 90 per cent. I hope I can give him roles that tell the world, “You’ve seen Shah Rukh the superstar, now see Shah Rukh the actor.”

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