Aditya Chopra’s earnest connection with his country

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Aditya Chopra aka Adi needs no introduction. The media shy film director, producer, and screenwriter turn 43 today. Glamsham.Com wishes him birthday greetings and peeks into early life and his obsession for film.


Aditya Chopra recently grabbed more headlines than the success of DHOOM 3, thanks to his marriage to his longtime girlfriend Rani Mukherji. Though a son of celebrated filmmaker, Adi has been publicity shy as a result very little is known about him, particular his early days.

Readers would be surprised to know that as a child too, Adi loved to be a loner and his only love has been cinema. In an interview given to a leading national daily, he confessed that when he was about four years old he would love to visit the shooting of his papa’s (Yash Chopra) movie KABHI KABHI.

Recalling his early days he said, ”Usually film shooting is a dreary affair but somehow I found the entire process intriguing. My passion for Hindi cinema was so intense that I would watch movies first day first.” He adds, ”As I was brought in South Mumbai and studied at Bombay Scottish School, most of my friends ridiculed me for watching Bollywood movies and they prided themselves for watching Hollywood movies. I used to feel hurt but would wonder that one day I would make movies that even the Hollywood would marvel.”

True to his promise to himself, today Aditya Chopra’s movie are a biggest draw in foreign countries and at par with Hollywood movies.

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Adi’s obsession for Bollywood can be judged from the fact that after completion of his studies when his mother insisted him to go abroad for further studies he declined. Wanna know why? Well, simply because he did not wished to be influenced by the western culture.

He says, ”I have highest regards for Indian culture. However, we may progress but I want to keep myself grounded to my Indian culture. Hence if I had been to western countries, probably I would have been detached from my soil and this would have affected my Indian way of thinking, which I did not wish to do at any cost.”

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