Aditya Datt: TABLE NO. 21 is not a rip off

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TABLE NO.21 releases all over tomorrow and director Aditya Datt, who made a promising beginning in Bollywood with AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE, promises that his dramatic thriller would shake the audience in a major way due to its shock quotient and the adrenalin pumping appeal .

download TABLE NO.21 wallpaper
download TABLE NO.21 wallpaper

“The movie is just not the game about life and death, it is a lot more. I know some people drawing comparison with LUCK [Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan]. The only thing that I can say is that please don’t compare it with any film. I am honest to God that TABLE NO. 21 is not a rip-off of any film, whether Bollywood or Hollywood movie. It is an original script conceived with an absolutely original screenplay to it. It is saying a lot of things through a new medium while being a thriller of its own. It is in its own space where you get all elements ranging from dark to psychological,” details Aditya.

He admits though that it wasn’t easy getting Rajeev Khandelwal on board either, more so since the actor is quite selective about the work that he picks up.

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He says, “Rajeev has such a strong persona around ‘Sach Ka Saamna’ and since TABLE NO. 21 has a game show about telling the truth, I was sure that he couldn’t be re-enacting a similar persona for the film as well. We were looking at a hardcore negative role for Paresh so Rajeev was never going to play that. So we decided that this time around Rajeev would be put on the other side of the table as a positive lead. He was excited about what he read and was soon on board. He trusted me to deliver goods.”

Well Aditya, now here is hoping this trust is taken care of once the film hits the screens all over this Friday.

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