Adnan Khan opts intermittent fasting for weight loss

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We watch our favourite actors on the small screen every single day breathing lives into the characters they play in the shows. But a lot of preparations goes behind building the character to make it look convincing and one of them being appearance and fitness. These days, actors are looking for newer and healthier options to stay fit and Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah actor Adnan Khan aka Kabeer has chosen intermittent fasting as the way of living a healthy life. Unlike the normal diet, intermittent fasting is a time restricted diet where you limit eating to only certain hours a day and fasting for the rest. While following this regime, Adnan fasts for 15 hours every day and eats only during the remaining 9 hours of the day. Quite interesting isn’t it? 

While the charming actor works for long hours every day shooting for the show, he also works out and follows a very strict diet to maintain his physique. Sharing his experience, Adnan said, “I have been sincerely investing a lot of my time in my workout and mixed martial arts classes and I believe following a proper diet would help me perfect the body.  I was determined to achieve my fitness goals and for the last 7 months, I have been following intermittent fasting and it has worked wonders. Honestly, during Ramadan, I realised that my body is responding well to this kind of a diet where I am not eating for 15-16 hours and it was then that I decided to opt for it. Slowly and steadily it has now become a way of life and I feel great and good about myself.” 

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Kudos to Adnan for his determination and commitment towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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