Adnan Sami: I’m living the best phase of my life

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Adnan Sami is in a happy phase of his life. The singer-composer, who has had a roller-coaster journey says he feels blessed about getting many opportunities to restart his life.

Taking a quick ride down memory lane, Adnan told IANS here: "Grateful is a small word to express my gratitude as God has blessed me with so many opportunities to restart my life."

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"When I was obese, I reached a point where I was about to meet death, and I lost weight to restart my life. When Baba (my father) passed away, I was emotionally choked, but then I also found my soulmate to restart my peaceful married life.

"I received my citizenship for a new beginning with a new identity as an Indian. I am blessed to be a proud father of a daughter. My new film is coming next year… I am living the best phase of my life," added the singer.

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Adnan, who is of Pakistani descent, was born in Britain and was earlier a Canadian citizen. He received Indian citizenship last year.

His happiness knew no bounds when he became a father earlier this year. His wife Roya gave birth to their daughter, whom they have named Medina.

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As he began talking about Medina, Adnan, 45, slipped into his emotional side.

"Yes, she is my heartbeat and I cannot thank God enough for this angel. I think she has got the best of both of us. She is roly-poly and is a very happy child like I was as a kid. But her eyes are deep green, like Roya's. Suddenly, I have discovered an ocean of love in my heart for her I never knew it existed," said the Lift kara de hitmaker.

As Adnan spent quality time with his wife during the birth of their child, he experienced the strength of a woman in a different way.

"I genuinely believe that physically and emotionally, women are far stronger than men. The amount of pain they have to endure for a childbirth, a man cannot take an ounce of it. A toothache or a stomach upset is the end of our world at times," he quipped.

What are the lessons he wants to give to Medina?

"I want my daughter to grow up with a sense of independence, with a strong emotionally secure mind and a tremendous amount of self-worth. All these come from education. So, that will be the foundation of her upbringing. I would want her to be well-versed with the world around us, have an opinion on everything and be pro-active about anything that is wrong.

"It is easy to criticize a situation, but the visionary always finds a solution. I want her to contribute to the solution," said the singer, who often comments on socio-political issues on social media platforms.

His own outspoken nature has made him face a lot of outrage on social media, but Adnan never loses his cool. Where does he get such a diplomatic attitude from?

"Well, I inherited it genetically, you see! My Baba (Arshad Sami Khan) served 14 countries as a diplomat. How could I not have a diplomatic nature," he said and smiled.

Adnan performed at an open-air public charity concert 'World's Biggest Guest List 2017' on Saturday in collaboration with Magic Bus NGO. It was an initiative to impart education to underprivileged children.

[By Arundhuti Banerjee]

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