Aftab: 1920: EVIL RETURNS is a love story, horror is its backdrop

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Promos of 1920 – EVIL RETURNS are making their presence felt all over and other than the scenic beauty on play, one can also see that the film isn't just one of those horror films where skeletons keep falling out of cupboards at every juncture. Instead, it seems to be an amalgamation of drama, action, romance and some lilting music as well, hence making it stand out in comparison to quintessential horror movies.

"Exactly the point", says Aftab, "In fact this is one thing that I have been saying right through the film's promotion that both Vikram (Bhatt) and (director) Bhushan (Patel) believe in lending a soul to the film. None of them is interested in creating horror just as a gimmick or bringing in thrills so that there are scares and chills. Instead, there is a definite story that has been woven around where horror is just an added spice."

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He adds, "I would again reiterate that this is a love story at the core of it all with a backdrop of horror. When you get up from your seat after watching the film, one thing that you are going to remember most is the story more than anything else."

While the film's promos and songs have done the trick, Aftab is now looking forward to audience stepping into theatres and giving their nod of approval as well.

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