After Emraan, Mallika gears up for a Hollywood film

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Just when one had settled down to the fact that Emraan Hashmi has been finalised to play a lead protagonist in a major international assignment, it has also been revealed that his MURDER co-star Mallika Sherawat has bagged a Hollywood assignment as well. In fact she has already started working on it though no one close to her is willing to reveal many details.

“See, you heard all details about her Bruno Mars video also when the time was right. Now Mallika is again shooting for something but then she is not in a position to make an announcement”, says a close associate of the actress.

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On contacted, Mallika was happy to talk about the Bruno Mars video though which was a spoof of sorts and had her playing a Bond girl. In the times when just walking the red carpet in an international film festival is considered a big deal by many a starlet, Mallika, who has been famous for making the smallest of information about her seem big for the audience, surprisingly stayed quite till the music video actually became public.

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“This is the way I wanted for this video”, smiles Mallika, “Bruno is an icon and the video has been a smash success in America. In fact it took everyone by surprise. I am happy to do well in that side of the world because before this my Politics of Love too releases there. I am enjoying it all while keeping a good balance between Bollywood and Hollywood.”

On prodded about her next Hollywood project, she smiled and said, “That has to come officially from the makers so guess it’s going to be some wait for now.”

Well Mallika, we hope that the wait is indeed worth it.

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