After KHILADI 786, Himesh promises 50 chartbusters

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KHILADI 786 has managed to stay stable at the box office with 40 crores coming in first four days of its release. For producer/actor/composer/singer/story-writer Himesh Reshammiya, this is indeed music to his ears as KHILADI 786 is now all set to be his fifth film in quick succession that would now do a business of over 100 crores worldwide.

"After BODYGUARD, BOL BACHCHAN, OMG OH MY GOD! and SON OF SARDAAR, each of which collected over 100 crores in wordwide collections, it is now turn of KHILADI 786 to join the league.

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Moreover, musically too the months gone by have clearly made way for Himesh mania as he has delivered 25 chartbusters already," informs a source.

This can be evidenced from the fact that while his songs are being played by DJs all over, especially this festive season, a special 'Himesh mash up' is also in the making by some of the top DJs of the country.

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Adds the source, "Yes, these 25 chartbusters are already the centre of attraction of all parties as well as marriages functions."

Meanwhile those close to Himesh are vouching for the promise that he is making now.

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As per the multi-tasker, he would now be all the more prolific on the musical scene and is promising as many as 50 chartbusters in months to come.

Way to go is what we would like to say!

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