AGL girl Nidhi Subbaiah wants a challenge like BARFI!

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Nidhi Subbaiah is a happy girl. She has played the part of a quintessential Hindi film heroine well in AJAB GAZABB LOVE and though the Jackky Bhagnani starrer didn’t quite demand too many histrionics from her, the fact that her presence has been noticed is a reason good enough for her to rejoice.

download AJAB GAZABB LOVE wallpaper
download AJAB GAZABB LOVE wallpaper

‘I love to do roles that challenge me as an actor. For example, something like BARFI! would be a kind of film to step into. That would really give me a kick,’ she admits, ‘It would also help me steady my journey as an actress. Even down South when I started my career, I was appreciated first for my look. Later the scale went up to looking fresh and then finally my acting talent came on the forefront as well. I look forward to similar graph in Bollywood as well.’


Now that she is pretty much settling down to the world of Hindi films, she is happy to making her presence felt, albeit gradually.

‘It would be unfair on my part to expect a meteoric rise just on the basis of my work in South,’ says Nidhi who is pretty sorted out about such matters, ‘I am starting afresh in Hindi films and can’t expect similar attention that I have already gained. It’s the film that eventually counts. Post AJAB GAZABB LOVE and a few more films, I am sure I would be acknowledged differently.’

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