AITRAAZ 2 : The ball is now in Priyanka Chopra’s court

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Will India’s global icon say yes to the sequel of AITRAAZ – AITRAAZ 2 or will she say no?, will Bollywood last showman Subash Ghai make a comeback?.. find out.

Bollywood’s most terrific export Priyanka Chopra is in the heart, mind and eye of Bollywood’s last showman Subash Ghai for the sequel of AITRAAZ. The 2004 inspiration from the Michael Douglas and Demi Moore starrer DISCLOSURE produced by Subash Ghai and helmed by Bollywood’s men in white – Abbas – Mustan. The movie was a success that fetched Priyanka the Filmfare for the best performance in a negative role.

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The buzz is strong that after fourteen years Priyanka Chopra may star in its revived version under the leadership of the prolific Subash Ghai who was once referred to as the show man after the magnificent Raj Kapoor. Unofficially, Sanjay Leela Bhansali claims to have that crown but it’s debatable.

Coming back to the core issue, will she or will she not, that’s the question many are trying to find but here we ‘Hamlet’ (read present) some interesting facts looking at the current stature of Bollywood’s last showman Ghai and our awesome piggy chops.

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In a classic U turn inspired from a Bollywood blockbuster, things in these last 14 years have changed tremendously for Ghai and Chopra. When Priyanka Chopra did AITRAAZ in 2004, she was making her roots in the industry. Playing the role of the beautiful and sexy Sonia Roy, the much younger wife of Amrish Puri who tries to seduce her former lover Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) who works for Puri highlighted the rare phenomenon of men facing sexual harassment at work. Priyanka was hailed for her bold and beautiful portrayal.

It must be remembered that Abbas- Mustan are allegedly famous for ripping off Hollywood thrillers and AITRAAZ was no exception. Interestingly, Subash Ghai is known to follow Indian ethos in his movies, the magnificent show man who began his journey as a filmmaker with Shatrughan Sinha starrer KALICHARAN in 1976 has helmed iconic blockbusters like KARZ, VIDHAATA, HERO, KARMA, RAM LAKHAN, SAUDAGAR, TAAL ideally a filmmaker which such a proven testimony doesn,t need a new version of an Hollywood inspiration to end his four year old sabbatical his last film was KAANCHI as a helmer.

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But reports suggest that Ghai is keen to have Priyanka Chopra in the sequel, the prolific veteran must have given some riveting twist which can bring his magic back.

As far as Priyanka is concerned, the actress is now a global icon who has made her mark as an actress, singer and lately as a filmmaker. She is an international pull and it would be interesting what she has to say finally on this.

Sources close to Ghai say that both Ghai and Chopra had a discussion and Priyanka has liked the concept, the final draft was locked last month and Priyanka has discussed the film with Ghai. The source further adds that Subash Ghai wishes to final the cast and put the project on floors by the end of 2018. So it’s still time.

The bigger question is whether Priyanka Chopra needs a sequel of AITRAAZ to fill the vacuum in her Bollywood appearances, her last hard core Bollywood film was JAI GANGAAJAL two years back which was unfortunately dragged in a controversy where a section of the market alleged the director Prakash Jha for eating more footage then the actress and perusing his dream of acting on screen and shooting from the shoulders of Priyanka.

There is a lot in stake for Priyanka here more than Ghai. However, Priyanka is still to give her yes and the irony is Priyanka Chopra who must have thanked Subash Ghai for casting her in AITRAAZ in the bold role, now holds the key to the prolific filmmaker’s comeback. The guy who introduced Manisha Koirala, Jackie Shroff, Mahima Chaudhry and of course established Shatrughan Sinha as a force to reckon with in KALICHARAN, now is waiting for a nod from Priyanka Chopra.

Hopefully for the sake of Ghai and celebration of Indian cinema made with the primary passion to provide entertainment to the core, Priyanka may say yes and won,t raise any AITRAAZ (objection) to AITRAAZ 2. But it would be much better if the prolific Subash Ghai and the awesome Priyanka Chopra would have had a discussion to come together with a fresh subject with universal appeal and not a sequel to a fourteen year old Hollywood inspiration. People might have AITRAAAZ TO AITRRAZ 2 (that might be in the back of Priyanka Chopra’s mind as well), let’s see what Priyanka Chopra decides.

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