Ajay Devgn ready to do southern films with SS Rajamouli

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Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn‘s connection with south filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli is not just limited to the upcoming Diwali Dhamaka SON OF SARDAAR, which is a remake of Rajamouli’s Telugu film MARYADA RAMANNA, but the duo is also associated with each other for the film MAKKHI. Ajay has lent his voice to the film MAKKHI, the Hindi version of Rajamouli’s Telugu blockbuster EEGA.

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Though Ajay was working on SON OF SARDAAR, remake of Rajmouli’s film, the two never really met. But it was MAKKHI which brought them together. Apparently, it was due to BOL BACHCHAN which led Ajay to the master filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli and the duo came on board for MAKKHI.

Ajay reveals, ‘When BOL BACHCHAN released I was told that the film is doing very well everywhere except in Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad and other south regions. The collections were not up to the mark in these places. And I was like surprised. It was then I came to know that a south film on a fly (EEGA), directed by SS Rajamouli, is smashing all the records at the Box-office.’

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‘Since we were already making SON OF SARDAAR, a remake of one of his films, we quite knew each other. So when we met Rajamouli asked me to dub few lines for MAKHHI and told me to see the film first and if I like it then only I dub for it. I saw the film and loved it. It’s a fabulous work done by Rajamouli. I was at once game for it. If any other director would have come to me I would have just said shut up and sent him back. But what Rajamouli’s done it was too convincing to say no. A love story between a fly and heroine…that was amazing,’ adds the actor

When asked about remaking it in Hindi, Ajay said, ‘The film is so fabulous that you won’t be thinking about anything else. Making a remake of this film, I don’t think you can make it the way he has made it again. So I don’t think you should make a remake of this film.’

Talk about the iconic stunt which Ajay has been performing ever since his debut film and he says, ‘I have only dubbed that and I found it very sweet of Rajmouli to be using it in the film MAKKHI.’

Ajay has worked in the Bollywood remakes of famous south films like SINGHAM, YUVA and now SON OF SARDAAR. Tell Ajay about the on-going trend of south remakes and he says, ‘This process will go on. If our films are liked in south they will remake it and vice-versa. So I think this exchange will go on.’

Probe Ajay if he would like to work with Rajmouli in southern films and he says, ‘I would try and push Rajamouli to do a Hindi film. It’s nothing of that sort. It’s just that I don’t know the language well…It will take time. But if something fabulous comes then why not.’

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Since SON OF SARDAAR is a remake of Rajmouli’s creation Ajay is quite confident of his upcoming film. As he believes Rajmouli’s film was an absolute entertainer so its Hindi remake will also beguile the audience. Says Ajay, ‘We were always confident of SON OF SARDAAR. The original film which he has made is fantabulous & amazing. It is so entertaining that’s why we thought of remaking it. The pace and the way he has made the film is simply fabulous.’

So get ready to be enthralled by the breathtaking adventures of the MAKKHI which is releasing on 12th October 2012 and Diwali phataka SON OF SARDAAR, which is releasing on 13th November 2012.

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