Ali Fazal to give a special tribute to his VICTORIA & ABDUL co-star Judi Dench

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Ali Fazal bagged his first lead role in a Hollywood film VICTORIA & ABDUL where he worked with the legendary actress Dame Judi Dench who played Queen Victoria in the film.

This year at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, Judi Dench will be honored with the annual Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Films. Ali Fazal will be joining three of Judi's precious co-stars for a special tribute presentation for the legendary actress. Ali will be delivering a speech at the ceremony in which he will be joined by other actors Jeff Bridges and Armie Hammer who will be honoring the actress together.

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This truly is a proud moment for Ali to be part of an honorary night for an actress like Judi Dench!

Talking about it Ali shared," It was a world of a different experience to work with Judi Dench. She’s a powerhouse of a talent and I have learned so much from her. And now to be able to be on a platform honoring her is actually an honor for me. She rightfully deserves this award and so much more. She’s one of the most humble, hard-working, energetic people I have met who still has so much appetite to learn. She’s has inspired me for years to come and I’m looking forward to seeing her again after two months in Santa Barbara."

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