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Alia Bhatt wants to go for intense love…

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Alia Bhatt, who made her debut with Karan Johar’s STUDENT OF THE YEAR, is the bubbly actress who has matured with age, and her recent interaction for DEAR ZINDAGI proves just that. Not only that, her confessions on DEAR ZINDAGI also sounds lovable. In conversation with the most sought after actress of Bollywood and next gen sensation, Alia Bhatt.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

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How dear was life with Shah Rukh and Gauri during the shooting?
Way too much dear. It was a very fresh experience for me, not only because I am working with SRK and Gauri Shinde for the first time, but because the film is such. It is very different. You cannot compare this to another film. This film isn't a specific genre because the story line is very different. I felt very different enacting the scenes at various locations.

Do you relate to your character?
Way too much. I relate to this character the most than all my films. More so, I feel you will also be able to relate to the character because she is in a very relatable situation. She has some traits which I can't relate – like being too impulsive. I personally think before speaking. She's also moody.

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The film is about positivity. How do you keep yourself positive?
It's very difficult to always be positive, but I try not to be negative. I feel negativity is a waste of emotion and time.

What do you think about female directors?
I think there's male and female actor, but a director is a director. So I think she is different as a person, not a woman. Women are as clear, powerful as men. You just flow with the scene being directed by her.

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Are you happy the film got U/A?
It's fine. A certificate obviously shouldn't have happened because youth should go watch the film. It's a family film.

'DEAR ZINDAGI is on Gauri Shinde’s shoulders'

Are you pressurized to carry a film on your shoulder at this age?
More than me, the film is on the director's shoulder. We are actors who work in it. I hate the age factor. I feel that if I'm good at something, I should do that when I'm 12, 13, 23 or 45. I think girls, or anyone should be passionate about something, even if it means being a chauffer.

Mahesh Bhatt said he might not cast a star like you..
Rubbish. We are in talks about certain projects, but nothing that can be taken forward.

A genre you would like to do?
I would like to go for an intense love story.

Two qualities in you that you would want to change?
I get very hyper and then very angry. Sometimes I want to take back my words.

Would you like to be a cinematographer?
No. But I would love to learn a photography course, because I love photography.

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