ALL IS WELL: Rishi Kapoor, Asin & Supriya Pathak’s character posters unveiled

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While Abhishek Bachchan has already impressed us with his self-obsessed character in the first poster of ALL IS WELL, the character posters of other stars from the film are also unveiled now.

Rishi Kapoor (who plays Abhishek’s father in the film), seems like he is facing a lot of problems (as the poster reveals ‘It’s all about My Problems’). Co-incidentally, Rishi Kapoor reminds us of his DO DOONI CHAAR character (that of a middle class man).

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Supriya Pathak also seems to play Rishi’s wife who might have a problem of forgetting things (we say so as the tagline to her poster says, ‘I don’t remember what it’s all about!)

Asin, who should have come out as a ‘wow’ factor, also reminded us of her ‘crazy’ ad she promotes on television. Thus, we don’t think there’s anything ‘great’ about ALL IS WELL posters. What do you say?

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