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Amaal Mallik: Fame and money will run out, only music will remain

Music composer Amaal Mallik is known for his firm opinions citing the hard-hitting facts about life, recently shared an inspiring message

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Music composer Amaal Mallik, who is known for his firm opinions citing the hard-hitting facts about life, recently shared an inspiring message on his Instagram for all aspiring musicians.

The composer took to his Instagram and shared a monochrome picture and wrote in the caption, “Pani Hoon Paani Main, Ha Behne Do Mujhe, Jaisa Hoon Waisa Hi Rehne Do Mujhe.

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Duniya Ki Bandishon Se, Mera Naata Hain Kahan, Rukna Theherna Mujhko Aata Hain Kahan.

A lot of young upcoming musicians & kids from my fandom ask me how have I managed to make a song for almost every mood/feeling and I’d like to say this with complete pride.

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Most of my song lyrics & melodies have been inspired by my own life, my own ways of living & dealing with the world we live in.

There is not a single aspect of my life I haven’t put out into the world.

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I’ve written about my love stories, my friendships, my heartbreaks, my set backs, my lowest lows, my highest highs, my never say die attitude…You name it !

He continues in the caption, “To every young artist that wants to make a place in this music industry, just know that it may all seem a little foggy, a little scary, a little shady initially and you may feel it’s impossible for you to make your mark and cement your place, but if you have the patience & perseverance, your music will find a way and remain in people’s hearts forever.

Let’s forget about the hardwork & struggle, we all do that everyday.

People that have remained successful for a long time are the ones that didn’t get complacent after their first tryst with success.

Let me tell you that an artist like me did nothing insane to be wherever or whatever I am today.

I have always remained true to my heart, truer to my craft, and even more true to my audience.

Not a single grain of my DNA wanted attention. I have always seeked two things : LOVE & HONOUR.

Fortunately, without trying too hard, I’ve managed to make music that has always made the audience’s hearts full time & again.

That’s how you become a bankable artist.

Don’t focus on the fact that you have to make hit music to be loved.

Know yourself better, and the world will follow your soul’s journey.

I’ve been writing my story all along and if it feels like I’m talking about yours it’s only because we all feel emotions the same way.

The hardest pill to swallow is that you will be forgotten.

Fame & money will eventually run out.

Only the music will remain…Start Now !”

Amaal garnered a lot of appreciation for his recent song ‘Pyar Ek Tarfa’. The composer is all set to deliver another earworm soundtrack with the highly anticipated movie ‘Radhe Shayam’.

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