Amit Sadh and Nushrat Bharucha spotted at the launch of Livon Times Fresh Face, season 11

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Amit Sadh, the dashing dude from GOLD has won the hearts of many with his quirky jokes and charming personality has also made a mark in the Bollywood industry, along with Nushrat Bharucha, the leading lady-cum-villain from SONU KE TITU KI SWEETY has won the hearts of many with her dazzling smile, innocent looks and charming personality, adding to that, her performance in her last film has bowled the audience and critics over. Amit and Nushrat were recently seen at the launch of Livon Times Fresh Face, an inter-city and inter-college talent hunt, where the actors spoke about their life, mentors and of course their own fresh factor.

Talking about whom he thinks is his mentor, he said, “Over the years many, but in the film industry, I believe that Salman Khan is my mentor and I think my fresh factor is that I am hardworking, also, I am very sincere. While Salman Bhai has been like a mentor, I admire my father the most, and the advice that he gave me when I was younger was ‘be humble’ and I try to live by that now. When I was a kid I did not understand it but now I do.”

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On the other hand, Nushrat said, “I really admire my sister-in-law (Bhabhi) a lot, she is so enthusiastic about things, whether it’s a simple cards-playing session among the family or a movie-outing, and she’s always looking at the positives. Its so great, and I’ve learnt that from her, learning to be positive, that I think is my fresh factor.”

When quizzed about his go-to feel-good refreshing activity, Amit said, “I love my job so I don’t really feel like long or busy days tire me but my go-to feel-good refreshing activity, after a rare such long day, is spending time with my dogs, basically chilling at home even if that means some telly-time!”

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When asked the same question to Nushrat, she said, “My go-to feel-good refreshing activity is music, specifically the music of a band called ‘Air’, I practically start and end my day with their music, it refreshes me completely!”

Both the actors joined in for the launch of the Livon Times Fresh Face, season 11, along with comedian Sanket Bhosale. At the launch activity, Nushrat participated in a fun competition where she stuffed 5 whole marshmallows into her mouth at one go, while Amit bowed-out, Sanket stepped up and lost count of the number of marshmallows he stuffed, making the launch a memorable affair for everyone watching!

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