Amit Sadh: India is a country of double standards

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Amit Sadh was seen recently in SARKAR 3 as Shivaji Nagre more popularly known as Cheeku, the grandson of Subhash Nagre aka Sarkar (Amitabh Bachchan).

Amit has donned various shades as Cheeku in this film and has a very different character to offer with this third installment of SARKAR franchise.

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During media interactions, Amit, when asked about his experience of working with Ram Gopal Varma, replied, “I think he is a genius. You feel so empowered when you are a part of a Ram Gopal Varma movie.

He is all about work when shooting, and quite a conversationalist offshoot. You can pick up any topic and it can turn into an intense discussion with him. There is so much more to this man.

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Director Ram Gopal Varma has always been very upfront and vocal about his thoughts on social media, his book Guns and Thighs is one of the most famous books in B-town. Soon a web series based on this book will be released.

When asked Amit Sadh if he has read Ram Gopal Varma’s Guns and Thighs? He said, “I’ve seen the visuals. I don’t think I need to read if I’ve seen a few episodes and visuals.

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And I believe it’s going to be a cult. I’m just hoping that he gets to release it as a web-series, because it’s just like Game Of Thrones, its only meant for streaming.

But the problem is that India is a country of double standards.

We watch something like the Sopranos, Narcos and Game Of Thrones and we consider it to be a piece of art and excellence, but if we see the same kind of content by an Indian filmmaker, only god can save that person.”

Quite thoughtful Amit!

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