Amit Sadh strikes gold with KAI PO CHE!

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With KAI PO CHE! opening to house-full screens across the nation, Amit Sadh has already been credited as one of the most promising actors. The actor has left the audiences spellbound with his flawless performance in this friendship saga. Directed by Abhishek Kapoor, KAI PO CHE marks Amit Sadh’s debut on the big screen as a lead actor.

view AMIT SADH photo gallery
view AMIT SADH photo gallery

Amit plays the role of Omkar Shastri aka Omi in the film. His character is subjected to the many ups and downs of life and Amit does complete justice to the role. One of the well-known reviewers said, ”Amit Sadh scores in his big scene during the climax where he breaks down and is torn between choosing to seek revenge and honoring his friendship.”

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KAI PO CHE is undoubtedly the perfect launch pad for Amit. A trade expert and critic wrote, ”Amit Sadh is a remarkable talent to watch out for. Sure, he too has a couple of films to his credit, but his performance in this film will make people notice him.”

Amit has certainly struck gold with his debut film. Here’s hoping that the talented actor continues to charm and entertain the audiences.

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