Amitabh Bachchan and his chemistry with children

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With a career spanning more than four decades, one of the striking characteristic of Big B has been his amazing equation with the children. Wherever children have been a part of his cinematic oeuvre, the film has received wide acceptance with the children.

Amitabh Bachchan and his chemistry with children

This feature of his performance became manifest for the first time in all probability with FARAR and from here onwards children played an important role in most of the films in which Big B acted. DO ANJAANE was a fantastic film that traced the relationship between a father and a son, and the amazing chemistry that Big B displayed with his on-screen son was one of the highlights of the film. This genre was therefore exercised to its full potential in DO AUR DO PAANCH and the songs of the film still continue to be a part of annual day celebrations in various schools.

YAARANA was another major landmark in Big B’s performance with reference to the amazing chemistry with the children. The song from the film- ‘Bhole o Bhole’ the slower version underlined the love that Big B has for children. YAARANA was followed with KAALIA where he had his whole gang of marble playing kids and he used to have ball with them in the film.

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ANDHA KANOON was another milestone in his career, as far as developing the chemistry with the children was concerned, and the song, ‘Rote Rote Hasna Seekho’ from the film, still is one of the favorite lullabies that children love to listen to. HUM explored probably the relationship that was left unexplored in ANDHA KANOON on a much wider scale and as an affectionate patriarch of the family; the little girl could wrap Big B on to his fingers in the film. BAABUL was another film wherein the role of a grandfather nurturing a grandson Big B had given an exquisite performance.

Probably the amazing chemistry that Big B has with the children could be the reason why he has been selected to be the brand ambassador for Maggie noodles as well, one of the favorite food for the children. When he had appeared in a commercial around 6-7 years ago where he was referred to as Buddhu Uncle, the whole generation of those times started calling him Buddhu uncle.

The genre still has been scrapped and maybe one day some producer would think about making a film with a bunch of children and Big B, and it would indeed be a visible treat to watch out for.

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