Amitabh Bachchan: Yash Chopra went away too soon

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Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan remembered veteran Bollywood director, screenwriter and producer Yash Chopra, who died of multiple organ failure at a Mumbai hospital on Sunday, and said he deserved a longer life.

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“An association of 44 years abruptly comes to an end. He went away too soon and too suddenly. He deserved to be with us longer. Yash Chopra, a friend first, a creative legend later, has passed away,” Bachchan wrote on his latest blog.

“As I sit beside his still and flower decked body in his studio within the portals of the large common patio, there does not pass a moment when all that we shared flashes by. This colossal studio that he built after years of hard work and labour, shall for the next day house his last physical remain,” he said.

“I doubt if he had ever dreamt that this unique and most distinguished facility would find space to accommodate him in the state that we see him today,” Bachchan said.

Big B had worked with Chopra in films like KABHI KABHIE and SILSILA .

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Bachchan said he regretted that he could not spend much time with Chopra in his later years.

“I have just one regret with regard to him. For some months lately, he had been calling and telling me to drop by in the early hours of the morning as I returned from the gym for ‘just a chat – no work, no issues, just a chat’. I had promised him that I would, and I never was able to,” the Bollywood actor said.

“As I sit back in his remembrance I wonder if this was another premonition that he may have had of his departure. Of his limited time,” he said.

Appreciating his works, Bachchan wrote: “Yashji, your contribution to the millions that had the privilege to witness your creativity shall be immortal … may we all savour it till our end.”

Chopra, passed away at a Mumbai hospital on Sunday evening after spending a week in hospital coping with dengue fever.

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