Amrita on JOLLY LLB: There is no mushy romance between me & Arshad

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After a hiatus, Amrita Rao is returning to the big screen. Her last film outing was LOVE U MR. KALAKAAR! (2011) that had gone unnoticed. While she wasn’t seen in any other Hindi film in the interim period, it was JOLLY L.L.B., a film with Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani playing warring lawyers, which she consented to doing

view JOLLY L.L.B. stills
view JOLLY L.L.B. stills

‘It was the story of JOLLY L.L.B. and the way director Subhash Kapoor narrated the story that I instantly said yes to it. I do understand that this film is not a love story; it is essentially a story of two lawyers. Still, it was very nice to be a part of a film that was so brilliant in its structure. Also, when it came to the way Subhash perceived me as this particular character on screen, it was impressive. In fact the last time when I played someone bold and outspoken in a film was way back in 2004 when I had done MAIN HOON NA,” says Amrita.

In the film, Amrita is playing a Meerut based school teacher who is clad in kurtas and denims, wears spectacles, is vocal about her thoughts and doesn’t carry any apprehensions whatsoever.

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She adds, ‘What I also like in the film is this relationship between Arshad and I. There is no mushy romance where I am singing ‘I Love You’ songs and complaining that I have been waiting for him for long. Every conversation is like two buddies talking to each other. They slap each other and fight where my character always shows the mirror to Arshad. In fact his character is someone who is forever scared of me and tries to run away. I have never done a role like this before.’

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