An Open Letter To Abhinav Singh Kashyap

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An Open Letter To Abhinav Singh Kashyap

Dear Abhinav

DABANGG was a blast. No doubt about it. But you cannot repeat the formula, even if it is in bits, to replicate the impact. It does not work like that.

If Salman Khan lets out a loud yell, and clothes tear and enemies fly, it can be enjoyable. But if Rishi Kapoor, at this age, is made to yell like a banshee and his foes fly in all direction, it is quite funny to the extent of being ridiculous.

It is even outrageous, to put a portly Rishi on a potty and have him let out wind. It’s disgusting. I mean, give the actor his due. The last actor to be put on a potty was Prem Chopra in DADDY COOL. Believe me; the sight wasn’t cool at all.

And you had lover-boy Rishi on the offending potty twice! You not only wasted talent but also made him go through a demeaning act. I know, I know, I can hear you say, ”But he agreed to do it.” That is another matter altogether.

To up the gross quotient, you even had Ranbir Kapoor showing his crack in a bathing scene, which to my mind, was not required at all. So what if he is BESHARAM? The script cannot go wonky-tonky.

And what were you thinking when you designed the love angle, or even planned out Ranbir’s character? This here is a class actor, who can even salvage a weak script. But you gave him no room to maneuver through this sketchy script. There was not even a spark of romance between him and Pallavi Sharda.

I guess you still have the DABANGG hangover. That was another genre altogether with an actor who is riding on the high tide of success.

I would say that you lost a golden opportunity to cement your debut success with this movie inspite of having the golden boy of Bollywood with you. You even had his parents, Rishi and Neetu Singh who you failed to optimize.

Finally, what were you thinking when you were injecting songs between scenes? Did it make any sense at all to you at the editing table?

You failed to deliver on all counts.

Better luck next time!

God Bless You
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be… )

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